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Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 National Conference (Subject is Missions) in Minneapolis

This conference sounds interesting to me, even though I won't be attending. I would be miserable sitting for that long with my fibromyalgia. I don't know all of the speakers, but the first messages I ever remember hearing by John Piper were on the subject of missions. They were excellent. I know Piper has done some things lately that have concerned me, but this conference may be a very worthwhile one for those Christians interested in the spreading of the Gospel. The title of the conference is "Finish the Mission: For the Joy of All Peoples, Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached and Unengaged." You can watch the video announcing it below. Oh, and it's in September, but you can register already I believe.
Another link with more info. that I have only partially explored is at:

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