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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Abortion, Reproduction, Evangelism & Street Preaching

The names I've given the following links are not the same as the actual titles of the posts, but I hope that they summarize the subjects in such a way as to peak your interest. 

Five Ways To Fight Abortion   -- This is a very practical and addresses the issue on more than one level.

Reproductive Technologies  --  There are some things that people don't think about when they want to have babies in an unnatural way.  I personally have become opposed to in vitro fertilization for more than one reason.  I saw one case where a lady was not able to have all of her babies, but she gave one up for adoption.  So many lives get tested on or thrown away.  I feel that God should make the decision about children.  I may never have any, because I was never blessed with a husband. 

Street Preaching  -- Now my belief is that only men should do this.  This blog post was still very interesting to me as a woman, and I know that women can help pass out tracts and talk to some people one on one as well.  I'm disabled, but I admire people who can get out and evangelize more.

Don't Be A Hypocrite  -- Should we look for a happy plan or conviction of sin?

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