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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Movies, Abortion, Marriage & Chen Guangcheng

I see a lot of interesting news stories and blog posts that are brought to my attention one way or another.  I like to pass some of them on in various ways that I think are noteworthy.

Today's links are about abortion, homosexuality, the Hunger Games (which I personally would not ever want to watch the movie of or read the books), the controversial subject of divorce and remarriage and the exciting news about Chen Guangcheng.

  • "180" Movie was shown and distributed at a high school.  There was some negative reaction, but perhaps some people will watch it solely because of the controversy.  To see the actual story click here.

  • It's Not as Bad as You Think, It's Worse by R.C. Sproul, Jr. - This blog post discusses President Obama's coming out openly supporting homosexual "marriage."  It points out problems in the church  as one aspect in what has gone on.  To read the blog post click here.

  • Why the Hunger Games is Flawed to It's Core by Trevin Wax  - Click here for his take on this popular book series.  To see some more of the negative elements including bad language, violence and immodesty check out Plugged In's review sections on those here.

  • I Don't Think So, Doug by John Piper - Click here to see Piper's response about divorce and remarriage and the Bible.  I strongly agree with John Piper on this subject.  I've heard both sides, so I understand where others can get differing views.  The sad thing is that Christians get divorced just like the world...not because of infidelity or an unbelieving spouse leaving and divorcing them.  The church often doesn't talk about divorce, because half or more of their audience have already done it.  Forgiveness for sin doesn't mean ignoring, excusing or condoning it.  I do not believe in marrying a divorced man, and I had a bit of a negative response from someone before when I avoided a divorced man who may have been interested in me many years ago. 

  • Chen Guangcheng reaches America (video below) -   Please pray for Chen and his family to hear the Gospel.   For those who weren't familiar with him, he is the blind Chinese activist who stould against forced abortion and stood up for the disabled and farmers in China.  He escaped house arrest and went to the U.S. embassy and then to the hospital in China.  Please pray for his family in China as well.  Please pray for Chinese Christians to be allowed more freedom in all of China as well.

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