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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Collection of Sites

This is another post with my selection of some stories or subjects of interest that I thought that readers of my blog might find interest in.

  • This post by Denny Burk is about an experience that Tim Challies had in Louisville, KY.  The second link is the one that is shared on the blog post.  I haven't looked over all of it, but it seems like a worthwhile group from a church with the same name as the one I attend...different state.


  • It was really good news to learn Pepsi plans to no longer use aborted fetal cells to have flavors tested:

  • I find it of interest to see when resources are translated into other languages.  These ones are by Desiring God Ministries / John Piper:

  • You will find another interesting perspective by Al Mohler about Anders Breivik and justice limitations:

  • If you've wondered whatever happened to John Schlitt of Petra, this website will be of interest to you:

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