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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reproof, Encouragement, Conferences, & Apologetics Made Easy

Today I'm sharing some worthwhile links and a video that I feel are noteworthy.

Sometimes the things we need to hear are not easy for us to swallow.  "Physicians of No Value" - words from Spurgeon on Pyromaniacs.

This next article is something that was encouraging to me, and it's good for anybody who is feeling overwhelmed with difficult situations in their lives.  It's entitled "Feeding Your Soul" written by Jon Bloom (with whom a family member of mine was acquainted with online in the past).

Should people value conferences and how does that compare how we treat our local church?  Tim Challies wrote a blog post on the subject called "The Excitement and the Anticipation."

If you have around an hour's time sometime, this video introducing presuppositional apologetics is well worth your time.  It will make people think differently about the way they communicate with people who are unbelievers and is encouraging for us to stand on the Word of God.  Some of you have seen this before, as I've shared it through other means.  Sye is one of my online friends, and he does a good job of keeping it simple on this video.

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