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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Josh Wilson's "Carry Me", Jovan Mackenzie and A Rebel's Cause Radio, Dead Sea Scrolls, IV His Son "What Am I To Do" Music Video

Christian musician Josh Wilson has a great new single called "Carry Me" that really hits home for a lot of people who are going through stressful situations of all kinds.  He has had struggles with panic attacks which is what the song is based on for him.  Read the full story here.
To listen to the full song on his player click here.
You can read the lyrics to the song here.

Not long ago I was listening to A Rebel's Cause radio show online and heard a guest named Jovan Mackenzy who does what I would call Christian rap (I don't know if there is a new term for it out there).  I was pretty impressed with what I heard, and if you want to listen to or download a free album click here.

The A Rebel's Cause radio show has had other interesting guests like IV His Son, Presuppositional apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate, Paul Taylor of Creation Today, etc.
A warning though that some topics may be offensive at times and there are differing views represented.  Listen and watch at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific Thursday nights at your own risk.   The guys are pretty friendly, and I keep watching.

I saw some of the Dead Sea Scrolls quite a number of years back in California.  I went with my nephews home school group, and it was really neat to see the fragments.  I was very annoyed that they used BCE and CE instead of BC and AD for the dates.  Well, you have a chance to see the Dead Sea Scrolls for free online now.  Just click here.

Here is one song by IV His Son and Jovan Mackenzie that has both excellent lyrics and a tune that makes it acceptable to my taste.


  1. I would be interested to know what topics you've found offensive, as we are not trying to be offensive, but we do want to engage subjects that are often left alone.

    As for differing views, I think you will find that we differ on non-essentials but are in line with Christian Orthodoxy. Normally we differ on application of doctrine and not on the doctrine itself.

    Thanks for the plug and joining us, God Bless!

    Missio Dei,
    Dan Frye

    1. So far, I was only personally offended once by details about one of the problematic people. You guys were kind enough to offer to warn me in the future. I was uncomfortable about a couple of other minor topics (minor to me), but I was not really offended personally by those. I know that some people might consider minor issues major (as I used to), and I like to be cautious for other people's sensitivities.

      I personally don't mind hearing differing views on the non-essentials, and I appreciate the show and the effort put into it.