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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Biblical Apologetics Release, Plan B Issues, Comfort in Trouble

How To Answer the Fool: A Presuppositional Defense of the Faith (with my friend Sye Ten Bruggencate) is already available on MP4 and is being well-received and reviewed!  The DVD version and study guide for small groups will be out May 6, 2013!
UPDATE December 2013:  To get the How To Answer the Fool Course, you can go either to
Here is a review of it by Tony Miano.

Some recent news events seem to highlight the making of sinful behaviors more acceptable and more accessible. 
15 year olds are now deemed responsible enough to buy what can actually end a life.  Yes, a fertilized egg is a human life.  "Plan B" in some cases may cause that human life not to implant in the womb thus making certain the death of the new child at his or her earliest stage.
A 15 year old with an ID/Passport is also more likely to buy this product for younger friends just like people have done with other substances.
The whole issue begins when people reject God and decide that it's acceptable for girls to be promiscuous and compound one sin with further irresponsible actions.
If the girl is afraid of her parents response, it's because she knows she has done something shameful.  Some guilt feelings are warning signs and are healthy ... if they lead to repentance and Jesus and forgiveness.
Instead of teaching repentance and giving these girls the Gospel and assistance for innocent babies, people throw condoms (for partners) and pills and encourage putting babies to death through abortion (to try to avoid responsibility altogether). 
This is just one news story out there of many.

This nation has grown cold and calloused to sin to the point of flaunting it.  Yes, this is what happens when people turn from God and His Word and worship self, pleasure and convenience.  The culture is at the point of Romans 1, and that is why I believe the course mentioned at the beginning of this blog should be a refreshing much needed reminder of truth.  Don't be surprised at the persecution that is coming and is already here for Christians.

To close this blog, I want to share a message that I read through that is very encouraging for those wondering why people go through hard times, and especially why Christians go through hard times.  The title is "Comfort in Trouble." (It's by John MacArthur.)

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