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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jailed For The Sake of The Gospel

At the beginning of July, Tony Miano was arrested in London during the time of Wimbledon for alleged  'homophobic' speech.  He spent about 7 hours in jail after being fingerprinted and questioned.  He was thankfully released, but they didn't apologize at that time.

I saw the full length video of the street preaching he did that day, and there was nothing fearful or hateful in his speech.  He was teaching from Scripture and was listing different sins of immorality.  Because a woman used foul language at him, he addressed her a bit.  He was calm and not threatening at all.

I have listened to Tony on online shows and have seen some of his blog posts and videos for probably more than a couple of years (since during the time he was on the On The Box program with Living Waters).  He is now under his church, and he does street preaching and speaking at churches and conferences, etc.

Soon in America people likely will be arrested for speaking Biblically publicly. 
Already in Canada there seems to be some risk.

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