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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Dark Valley, Last Call, Don't Give Up

  • I have been going through a dark valley with my P.O.T.S. / NCS (autonomic nervous system dysfunctions). I've been to the ER 4 times in 3 or 4 weeks' time.   Nausea, fast heart rate, near fainting, trouble breathing, dizziness, ringing head, and panic are some things I'm struggling with.  I cannot even walk around much anymore with the worsening symptoms.  I need a lot of assistance from my family.  A cardiologist is trying to get me to be able to see a specialist at Vanderbilt University. I'd appreciate for Christians to pray that I will be accepted to see a doctor there if that is God's will (in spite of Vanderbilt being a seemingly anti-Christian school). Also, please pray for endurance for me and my family and for us all to focus on Christ and not the trial.  If you are curious about what I have, you can visit the link here.

  • Not long ago I shared a video on Facebook that I first saw shared by Tony Miano. It is really amazing to see how God works. You never know when you are going to die, and this video shows that a message from a street preacher was used by God shortly before a man passed on.  Please - if you haven't seen this - Don't miss it!

  • Jon Bloom wrote an encouraging blog post that I wanted to share with my blog viewers.  It's about never giving up!  Life can be war and is very exhausting.  It can be tempting to throw in the towel and quit.  If you need encouragement, please click here.

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