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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Should She Preach, Feminism, Uncertainty, Steven Curtis Chapman

"Should She Preach?  Biblical Evangelism for Women" (New Book) -- What does the Bible say about women and how they evangelize?  Tony Miano's book "Should She Preach?  Biblical Evangelism for Women" deals with the world of street evangelism and what level women should participate from a Biblical perspective.  I have not yet read it, but I have won a copy and am looking forward to seeing what it says.  There are contributions by Steve Lawson, Phil Johnson and others.  It's available for pre-ordering, so if you want to see more about it click on the book cover at the following site: 

Feminism and Exegetical Mayhem -  Interestingly there was a blog post by John MacArthur recently about women's role in the church.

You Can Take Heart in Uncertainty - Jon Bloom recently shared a post that is a reminder to me to take heart during the time of uncertainty I am having with my physical condition.  It is hard when you have something that makes you feel awful and is frightening at times.  God does have a purpose for my good even though in my humanness I struggle with endurance.

"The Glorious Unfolding"  -Steven Curtis Chapman has a new album coming out September 30, 2013.    It should be interesting to hear what he has done with this new album, and it reminds me of years past when I listened to his music more.  Here is a sample of one song he did about temptation way back when:


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  1. That was back when Steven Curtis Chapman had that Huey Lewis and the News sound. I did enjoy his early works much though too.