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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

God Told Me?, UPDATE: Should She Preach?, Amazing Video

A lot of Christians like to say, "God told me..." (adding on whatever it is that they felt they were led to do or say).
 This has really troubled me when I have heard it, and I cringe.  I read a blog post not long ago that addressed this subject and wanted to share it with those interested:
 Why Do We Say, 'God Told Me'? 
(I don't know Nancy Guthrie the authoress, so I'm not endorsing her specifically...although this is from a site that has a lot of good teachers and content.  I do recommend the article though!)

UPDATE:  "Should She Preach: Biblical Evangelism for Women
The Kindle edition is available now, and the hard copies should begin being shipped October 8th, 2013.  I'm excited about getting the book and reading it, although I am often a slowpoke in reading non-fiction.  I listen to the author regularly though, and it even has additional content from Steve Lawson, Phil Johnson, etc.)
Tony has helped to teach Open Air preaching/evangelism in the past, but has since had a change of heart and understanding based on Biblical study regarding how women should be involved and the qualifications for preaching even outside a church building.

Jovan MacKenzy did a rap song entitled "Should She Preach" that is free to download online for those interested.  You can get it here.

Amazing Story of Giving & Mercy
The following video has been shared a lot already (even once by me on Facebook), but if you haven't seen it you are in for a treat.   It has a message of mercy and generosity that is rare (although I'm sure the people doing the ad hope to gain from it). 
Justice is needed in this world, but just as God shows mercy in a general way providing things for people and specifically to those He saves for eternity ... it is good from a Christian perspective to show undeserved love and mercy toward others. 
After all, we have received much grace and mercy from our Lord.  Our motive should not be for what man might do for us in return, because we know that people may return evil for good as we find happening in the Psalms. 
Still, this ad is a reminder to love and show mercy. 
The ending is quite amazing, so I will try not to spoil it further:



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