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Monday, October 14, 2013

Strange Fire Conference Update, God's Wrath, Prayer, Personal Note

Strange Fire Conference - Do not forget that you can watch the conference about the Charismatic movement live on the internet beginning on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6 PM in the U.K. /  7 PM in Central Europe, etc.   
The conference will last until Friday the 18th.  
John MacArthur, Todd Friel, Phil Johnson, Conrad Mbewe, Steve Lawson, Tom Pennington, Nathan Busenitz, and Justin Peters will be speaking as well as R.C. Sproul via video and Joni Eareckson giving her testimony.
Languages available will be: Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Russian and German.
Just go to the following link:

Wrath Poured Out Like Fire - Phil Johnson gave a sermon the other week that really had a touch of the Living Waters / Tony Miano feel to it.   If you want an idea of how the Gospel should be preached, then this is a good message to hear:

Persevere in Prayer - Tim Challies did a blog post not long ago that was a reminder of how prayer meetings are fading away in the churches, and it gives a list of some of the things he learned from a meeting with some pastors.

Many years ago before my pain levels got higher I went regularly for awhile to a prayer meeting in a church in California.  Often we would start with Bible reading and then praise before we would ever get to requests.  It was one of the most blessed times that I had in that church (along with working with and teaching 4-6 year old kids and the great rabbit trail Biblical teaching of Pastor MacDougall).  Not only does prayer make a person feel much closer to God, but corporate praise and prayer gives a much greater sense of family.
One of the men in that group got leukemia and another dear lady died of cancer.  I won't forget how the lady would care about how I was and would give out love and hugs.  I remember the man who got leukemia had a great sense of humor.  Would that every true Christian church had prayer meetings like that where joy and love abounds.

Personal Note - I have not been feeling well lately, and I have been very stressed with my symptoms as well as struggling with panicky thoughts.  I listened to a sermon this week that reminded me once again to look to what God is going to do through this trial no matter how endless it feels.  I need to learn to trust Him more and praise Him for the character that He is producing.  I am not at all where I would like to be yet, and sometimes I don't feel I am going to make it, but I was reminded that my boast is in Christ and not in myself and my ability to get through this.  It is God's strength and love I must trust in.
I appreciate the prayers of the saints, and I am thankful that God is working all things for good and for His glory.  He is always good and I can only cling to my hope in Him now.

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