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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tough Questions About Strange Fire, Altar Calls, Seduction of Self -Jovan MacKenzy, Christians Called To Evangelize

  • Tim Challies asked John MacArthur some challenging questions from people about the Strange Fire Conference.  If you or someone you know are skeptical about Strange Fire or wondering why non-cessationists did not speak at the conference or are wondering if MacArthur considers all charismatics unbelievers, you will find some good answers on this blog post (which is just a part one):

  • Altar calls - I recently saw a blog post explaining why altar calls at churches can do more harm than good.  I'm not familiar with the book or curriculum this guy shares, but his explanation of why he doesn't do altar calls is worth reading:

  • Sunday night on Cross Encounters Radio I heard a couple of new Christian rap songs by Jovan MacKenzy.  The two songs really focus on examining ourselves and our sin and unfaithfulness to Christ.  We are prone to worship idols that we may not even realize are idols.  God's love and grace are amazing and unconditional, and these songs are a reminder of the putting to death the deeds of the flesh and living according to the Spirit. (Romans 8:12-14).  You can get the entire album including "Hosea's Love" and "Amazing Grace"  (the two songs which I have listened to a few times already).  "Mountains" with IV Conerly is an encouragement to trust God.  While I'm not a big time rap fan, I can listen now and then to some rap songs that either cross over with music or have lyrics that are worthwhile.  (This does not mean that I will listen to all of the songs over and over ... but if you like rap you may love all of it!)
 Here is a sample:

  • Are all Christians called to Evangelize?  Tony Miano did a video for CARM that is under 6 minutes that points out that we do what we care about!  He also gives some helpful hints:

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