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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christian Killed in Benghazi & 9 Year Old Girl Sings "One Small Child" by David Meece

In Benghazi a Christian teacher from the U.S. was recently murdered (shot while jogging).  Ronnie Smith was an admirer of John Piper (who is known for encouraging people to take risks for the sake of the Gospel).   Ronnie's family was in the U.S. at the time, so I hope that Christians will pray for his wife and kids at this time.

My Dad used to give away Piper's message "Prayer the Work of Missions" and maybe one other, and although that does not have to do with Ronnie Smith in particular that I'm aware of, it is interesting to know that a message by Piper was used in motivating this guy to go.  John Piper in his blog encourages thousands of Christians to take Ronnie's place.

Piper writes in his blog:

"Finally, I call thousands of you to take Ronnie’s place. They will not kill us fast enough. Let the replacements flood the world."

Does that sound crazy to you? 
Now you will want to see the rest of the story from Piper's blog.
Click Here.

I have not shared as many Christmas songs this year, but those who have followed my blog know I enjoy sharing music videos.

"One Small Child" was a Christmas song written by David Meece at the age of 14.  Yes, when you listen you may be thinking about the facts that the wise men didn't show up for a long time after Jesus' birth and that we don't know that they were kings (so I'm not saying the lyrics are perfect).  The lyrics are here.

I think I remember from an interview that David Meece was not yet a believer when he wrote this particular song.  He did become a Christian later though, and many of us have enjoyed much of his music over the years.

The following cover version is not professional and not as good as David Meece himself, but I thought it was cute and natural sounding with a young 9 year old girl named Sage (now 11 years old) singing the song.  Enjoy!


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