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Friday, December 6, 2013

Live Christmas Concert, Almost Christmas, Perfectionism, Classic Audio Sermons

Live -Streamed Christmas Concert(s) - Grace Community Church where John MacArthur is pastor holds superb Christmas concerts each year.  Some of you may remember my sharing Jubilant Sykes singing "Mary, Did You Know?" on my blog in the past.  Well, once again they are planning to share one or more live concerts online.  The exact date of the live broadcast has not been shared yet, but you can visit the following link to keep checking. 
Grace Community Church Christmas Concert

"Almost Christmas" - Speaking of Christmas, remember Josh Wilson's Noel Christmas album?
Well, this song is lighthearted and may get you in the mood  for celebrating.

Exposing Perfectionism - This post really pegs me in a lot of ways.
It isn't a pleasant picture.  Oh, I don't consider myself a perfectionist in every area of my life, but in far too much.  There is an element of discontent with perfectionism as well, and unfortunately it can spill over into the way I treat others.  It's one thing to try to do your best, but not being satisfied with what is done can make life miserable.   Does anybody else find that this describes you as well?

Classic Sermons -  Tony Miano of Cross Encounters is working on recording some great sermons by dead people.  Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon are some of the first ones that he's tackling.  Be sure to watch out also for his new website around Christmas!

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