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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Babies Are Murdered Here Review

The "Babies Are Murdered Here" documentary came out last week and already has more than 29,000 views on YouTube.   The primary audience is Christians.  I have some links for non-Christians at the end of this blog post for those of you who want to know what I believe and would long for you to understand as well.

The "Babies Are Murdered Here" documentary is a well-produced film narrated by R.C. Sproul, Jr., produced by Crown Rights, and it even has clips of Tony Miano whom I have mentioned quite a bit on this blog in recent times.

The church needs to get more involved in evangelizing at abortion clinics and not just shrug thinking that we cannot do much to stop the slaughter of human lives.
I only wish that I was able to go somewhere to hold up signs, but I too frequently feel like I am going to pass out being up. 
I can pray and encourage and give to others a little bit at least.

While there may be some differences about how certain passages are used in this film or in eschatological viewpoints, I think we all can agree that Christians have responsibility to speak  the truth, certainly to proclaim the Gospel, and that abortion usually involves idolatry of self or someone else even if not in the OT way of sacrifices to idols.

The film has some controversial points to it, and some people might not see that there is tough but genuine love involved here for all involved.
 While some may not know all of the background behind this video, the people in the film are all about giving the Gospel and they do have a love for the people in wanting them to hear the Gospel and be saved as well as caring about the babies who may not live to hear and understand the Gospel.

Because of the misunderstandings of some people who have already viewed the documentary, I want to also share some other videos following the actual "Babies Are Murdered Here" film that may make people realize that we should not shy away from calling something what it truly this case it's about murder.  Forgiveness is available for all repentant sinners no matter what we have done.
All Christians are forgiven sinners, but we shouldn't callously commit sin and say that God will just forgive us.


WHO WILL STAND with John Barros

Tony Miano: Forgiveness for Mothers Who Murder Their Children
(I have heard Tony online pleading with women, so please do not judge him as uncaring or unloving.)

If you are an unbeliever, please view one of the following two links:

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  1. As one who has viewed the video, I do not misunderstand what I saw. I think if the hearts of the people who have made this video are not being seen as they intended, the video missed the mark. We as Christians should be meek and gentle as doves, wise as serpents. I saw little meekness, nor gentleness. We can be truthful, showing love, not just professing it.