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Thursday, January 30, 2014

FREE Ken Ham & Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Debate

It has been publicized that there will be FREE viewing online of the Ken Ham & Bill Nye debate at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, on February 4, 2014 at 7 PM ET and 4 PM PT. 
It  is to be available at the following link:
Creation Today has announced they will have commentary starting at 6:30 PM before the debate:

As a pre-suppositional apologetics proponent, I'm interested to hear how this debate will go.
My desire is for God to receive glory, and I'm sure I will learn some things. 
I do not know if I will be getting frustrated by what is said or not said, but it should be worth listening to and comparing it to my newfound convictions.

So many of us learned that in arguing for creation that we should use evidence with unbelievers as though we could argue them into believing by letting them be the judge of God.
Pre-suppositional apologetics seeks to honor God by not accepting people having any right to judge God's existence.  This is demonstrated best by pointing out that the unbeliever not only knows that God exists, but that they have to use what God has given them and a Christian worldview to argue against Him.

The Bible lets us know that God has made Himself and His invisible attributes evident to people especially in Romans 1. 
The theory of evolution is a man made myth that can never prove out just like every other theory that seeks to deny God and His Word. 

I highly recommend the site Proof That God Exists developed by Sye Ten Bruggencate. 
He also has an excellent DVD and study guide course "How To Answer The Fool" that brings pre-suppositional apologetics down to the level of the average person.
Please visit:

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