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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Suffering, Abortion, Street Preachers, New Endeavor

  • Awhile back now I was listening again to Keith Green's old song, "A Billion Starving People," and I was reminded how well it spoke to the abortion issue in the second verse.  It's a song not just about physically starving people, but the spiritually starving -- feeding the "Bread of Life" to people, and rescuing the unborn.
    Truly God will avenge the blood of those whose lives are spilled out like water who were created in God's image.
  • Not long ago a friend of mine shared a video involving street preaching in Canada. 
    Some people may wonder about street preaching, but its basis is Biblical. 
    The danger comes when people are not held accountable by the leadership of a church and are not qualified teachers.   I know two of the guys in the video below are involved in their local churches, and hopefully they all are.  I just don't know the other guys, although I'm somewhat familiar with a couple of them.  Please pray for these guys.  These are the guys I recognized in the video:  Robert, Sye, Mike, & Tony.
  • On a personal note: I now am doing some volunteer work tweeting online for a ministry,
    so we shall see how that affects my blogging in the future.  I'm pleased to be able to try to be of some help even though I often need assistance myself!  May the Gospel go forward and God be glorified!

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