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Friday, March 21, 2014

Criticism, Sovereignty, Who Rules Hell & Heaven

3 Tips for Responding to Criticism - This is a very challenging article to me, because I know I don't handle criticism well.

Missions, Evangelism & The Sovereignty of God by Kevin DeYoung - Some people wonder how those of us who believe in God's sovereign choice can advocate evangelism.  This blog post responds to that objection.

Who Rules in Hell? - Sye Ten Bruggencate has a way of expressing things in such a way as to make you take a step back & think.  I agree with him on what he says on this video, but I admit I don't often think about who rules in it can be slightly startling to be reminded of the answer.

Mar 12, 2014 | Sye ten Bruggencate preaching at the NoHo Metro Station regarding the reality that God rules Hell. by TonyCrosswalk on


HEAVEN - While I fully believe it is important to warn against Hell & that many people at times talk only about what God can do for them when they try to talk to people instead of the seriousness of sin & the justice of God,  I was reminded recently that in correcting the error of easy believism, that we may sometimes seem to tip the balance the other way.  God's wrath against sin is real & hell is real, but for those who repent & believe God's love & mercy & forgiveness are in abundance & they will spend eternity in Heaven with a Father who loves them.
The following link is to share what Heaven will be like for those who belong to the Lord.
What Will Heaven Be Like?

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