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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Duck Dynasty, Doubting Christians, Right Thinking

Singling Out Homosexuality

Remember the Duck Dynasty furor about Phil Robertson's comments on homosexuality?  Why is it that many Christians are becoming afraid to single out one sin to address?  I'm personally not a fan of Duck Dynasty.  I found when I tried it out to be a bit crude and silly & not 100% trustworthy with language.  I realize I may be stepping on toes, and I have learned to tolerate a little of the so-called "redneck" mentality from watching Rick & Bubba at times.  That being said, I found what Phil was reported to have said on homosexuality to be Biblical and nothing to be ashamed of.  I'm hopeful these guys on Duck Dynasty are truly Christians, and the hysteria the media made over it reminds me of Tony Miano's arrests in England & Scotland for speaking on sexual sins which is where this country is heading.
 Please read: An Oh So Subtle Twist by Dr. Brian Mattson

Diagnosing Doubts

If you are a Christian & struggle with having doubts, I read an interesting article that has 8 reasons why Christians doubt.  Now I would disagree slightly in that the Bible teaches that everybody knows God exists, but people do get confused in their understanding of God by arguments that are falsely called knowledge.  Apologetics that do not have God as the foundation can be seriously problematic. Eight Diagnostic Questions I Ask of those Who Are Doubting their Faith by C. Michael Patton

Conviction in a World of Compromise

Recently my family has been reading / listening to a book entitled Right Thinking In A World Gone Wrong by John MacArthur & other pastors / staff from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.                                                                                                                
  While we skipped over bits of it, I really thought the parts on entertainment, games, & celebrity idolization both interesting and convicting.  No, it doesn't mean avoiding all entertainment, but certainly it was a good reminder of how far we've slipped in compromising and what should be the focus of much of our time.

Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong by John Macarthur from harvesthousepublishers on GodTube.

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