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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shepherds Conference 2014 Links & Thoughts

For those who look at my website & are wondering about the Shepherds Conference from Grace Community Church - you can live stream the General Sessions from the following link:
They have translations for Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese & Korean.

On March 6 at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET / 3 AM GMT  Al Mohler is scheduled to speak.

You can check out Friday's schedule as well:

After the conference, all the messages from this year should be up on the Media link at some point I imagine.  

John MacArthur's message on fellowship was excellent, although being disabled it's hard for me not to be isolated outside of family & the internet.  A lot of people do not have that excuse though.   I am the type who really wants to be able to go to church.

On the Q & A session, I would have been more dogmatic on my views about some of the issues.
I think that Todd Friel should have asked even more directly if it would be a sin to take a special order for a cake for a homosexual wedding as a Christian rather than to bake a cake for one.  Certainly a special order cake would be participating in the celebration.
Ephesians 5:7-12

Likewise, a special order for any pagan holiday or immoral behavior or relationship would be participating in sin.
I would have also said that designing or building a building that you know is meant for pagan worship or debauchery is participating in the sin.

Aside from my strong beliefs on those issues, there was a lot that I believe was good that was said! 
The panel all answered that smoking pot (not to do with medicinal marijuana) is a sin.   Other things were addressed, but I don't remember them all!

My friend Tony Miano was even mentioned in regards to being jailed for speaking out about homosexual sin & having a jail ministry.  Tony, of course addressed all kinds of sexual immorality in the U.K.

Although this was a conference for pastors and I am not a pastor or qualified to be one,  I still enjoyed having the opportunity to "eavesdrop" on this notable event.

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