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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update on Street Preacher Arrested in Scotland, Good Listeners & 3 Decades of Sovereign Grace Music

Latest Updates on Tony Miano the American street preacher arrested in Scotland for mentioning sexual sins (including homosexuality)  You can view my original post about it Here.
What Tony says about sexual sins is Biblical, but saying things in the Bible is now considered hate speech in different parts of the world.  He is awaiting a trial date. 
The following link shares how God has worked in his family's life to prepare them for a possible jail sentence for him:

Partakers With Me of Grace

You can read the latest update about his pre-trial hearing regarding how something fishy is going on that the Scottish police can't seem to work a camera:

Tony Miano's Scotland Update

Six Lessons In Good Listening - This is without a doubt very difficult for most people including me.
I can think of times when I have only half listened to people either because I wasn't interested in what they were saying, or I wanted to talk to somebody else.  It is also difficult not to interrupt people these days, because I know I'll forget whatever popped into my head.  We are so impatient in this world of distractions and instant gratification.
Be ready to be convicted if you read the article!

Sovereign Grace Music has a compilation album coming out April 8th of some of their best worship songs of the last 30 years.    The title is "30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church."
It has different artists singing on it, so it should be unique even for those who already had the original versions.
I'm thinking it would make a great gift for a family member or friend!


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