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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Infallibility of Scripture & The Matt Dillahunty vs. Sye Ten Bruggencate Debate

(Let me begin by disclosing that I’m a Christian female.)

All Scripture is inspired by God.

The Bible itself claims to be infallible (Psalm 12:6-7; Psalm 33:4; Proverbs 30:5-6; Mark 13:31; Revelation 22:18-19), inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16), & men moved by the Spirit spoke from God (2 Peter 1:21). People try to convince themselves that God is not real by suppressing the truth, but everyone will face Him one day either in judgment or as Savior.

Everything that God does is just & good, & the one who rejects God's Word is not qualified to interpret or comprehend it. They have no infallible foundational authority in themselves to determine truth or what is moral, right & good. Even appealing to what is commonly accepted behavior is useless.  Man is fallible. All idols are false having no authority.  Sometimes an idol is reason, comfort, pleasure, covetousness, self, immorality, a false religious system, nature, etc.

People love their sin & idolize pleasure, but the hollow pleasures of taking what God created to rebel against Him cannot even compare to the real pleasures that can be found in Him in an eternity in Heaven.
Life here is fleeting & so are its lusts.
Philosophy that is based on rejecting the absolute Source of truth is empty. Jesus said He is the only way. People may choose to reject Him, but that doesn't make Him less true or humans less accountable to Him.

When people who call themselves "atheists" or "agnostic" attack Christians, Christians need to remember that God is the One they are truly enemies of & hate, but for those who repent & put their trust in Christ there is forgiveness of sins & love & an eternity in Heaven as children of God.

Many people who reject God seem to think they are an authority on God & attack His character based on their perception of Old Testament events. They blasphemously try to judge God by their standards...which have no authoritative foundation. God is the Judge, & they are not God's judge. He is so holy & perfect that He would be just in destroying all of rebellious mankind. It is because He is merciful & loving & gracious that He saves some.
Who are we to answer back to God?

I pray for those who heard & will hear the Gospel that my online friend Sye Ten Bruggencate presented at the Refining Reason debate with Matt Dillahunty in Memphis, TN, because faith is a gift from God & those who have ears to hear will hear, because God will make them able.
(You can find the Sye Ten Bruggencate / Matt Dillahunty debate online-but I recommend waiting for the Crown Rights Media film which should be better produced & hopefully minus any bad language),

Below are some favorite quotes I shared via Twitter & Facebook from the recent debate:

Sye's response about those who bring up whether the Quran & Islam can be true:

What does the Quran say about the Bible?
The Quran says the Bible is the previous revelation of God (of Allah), and it says it is true.
What does your Quran say about whether the words of God can be corrupted? And they say, "No, they can't."
That's the problem. If the Quran is true the Bible is true, and because the Bible is true, the Quran is false.

(My short tweet version of that was: The Quran says the words of God can't be corrupted. If the Quran is true the Bible is true, & because the Bible is true the Quran is false.)

Sin is not a measure of how bad you are. It's a measure of how good you're not - Sye Ten Bruggencate

It's not absolutes - therefore God. It's God - therefore absolutes. – Sye

For those who have struggled with doubting:
You can't make sense of truth, knowledge, logic , reason without God - so doubt presupposes God – Sye

Logical absolutes reflect the thinking of God – Sye

Matt was wanting Sye to play the devil's advocate, but I loved Sye's quick wit!

"You seem to be able to only see this from your worldview." - Matt Dillahunty
"Of course! So do you!" - Sye Ten Bruggencate

Matt Dillahunty would prefer to say he believes things rather than knows them for certain, because he does not want to admit what he does know but suppresses.  The knowledge he & every human being has is enough to convict them as guilty before God (Romans 1:18-20)

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  1. "Everything that God does is just & good, & the one who rejects God's Word is not qualified to interpret or comprehend it:
    this is subjective morality as well an admission that you believe might makes right and as well most of your proof are just bare assertions anyways