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Thursday, June 12, 2014

UPDATE: All Charges Dropped Against Street Preacher Tony Miano

I am so excited to report that the charges against street preacher Tony Miano have been dropped by the police in Scotland.

Tony Miano was for many years an L.A. Deputy Sheriff & has been involved in ministry for a number of years in various ways.  He worked with Ray Comfort of Living Waters for a few years, & due to the economy was released to serve God in doing Cross Encounters ministry including a weekly online  Cross Encounters Radio program, street preaching & abortion clinic evangelizing, teaching & mentoring people to serve as evangelists.

In 2013 he was arrested and released without charges in England, and early in 2014 he was arrested and charged in Scotland.  Why?  Because he included homosexuality in a list of sins and this makes people angry.  America is already far along in turning against a Biblical understanding of marriage, so we should not be surprised when Christians start getting arrested here in the U.S.

The authorities in Scotland finally viewed the footage from Tony's camera (which they confiscated) after months of incompetence of supposedly not being able to get it working.
The film proved out that the allegations were false by the accuser, and that his preaching should not have been called hate speech.

Scotland Drops Charges - Tony Miano Newsletter

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