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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reaching Muslims with the Gospel & Learning How To Interpret The Bible

Four Resources for Christians in responding to Muslims:

Reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Peace by Tony Miano:

Answering Muslims - site by David Wood

Worldview Tracts - including for Muslims - presuppositional apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate was a contributor to these tracts.

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (also known as CARM) has a lot of information on Islam including videos you can share with Muslims online.

Recently I watched a hermeneutics overview DVD that was excellent.  Hermeneutics is basically the science of interpreting texts - especially in this case of the Bible.  So many people do not know the truth and how to study the Bible well enough.  Even those who do can take things out of context and misapply verses to their own situations or special interests at times.  I think most of us have done this before without realizing it.   We need to study and understand the truth from the Bible before we examine the false beliefs of others. If we know the Bible well, then we will not get too confused when people lie to us about what is in it.  It is much more important to study the truth than a lie, because many are deceived and devastated.
Check out the DVD "Herman Who?"  by Todd Friel

There is another class on Biblical Hermeneutics that you can find online done by Pastor Andrew Rappaport.  It is good for a more extensive study.
School of Biblical Hermeneutics

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