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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Condemned Pakistani Woman To Appeal To Supreme Court + Free Asia Bibi Song

Asia Bibi - Maybe you've seen her name lately on the internet. Asia is a Pakistani wife and mother who was accused of blasphemy against Mohammed due to a conversation with a couple of women co-workers, and she has been sentenced to hang.

What kind of conversation could wind up in these accusations? Reportedly the Muslim women talked of their beliefs and Asia was said to have told them about Christ and His death on the cross for sins. She asked them what Mohammed had done for them, and told them that Mohammed was dead and that Jesus is alive. To see more about the conversation and what happened afterward visit the Voice of the Martyrs site. Another report said she was accused of "blasphemy" over a cup of drinking water that the Muslim women considered unclean.  Also, reported is that a local cleric was involved in making the charges, although he was not there during the original conversation.  See report Here .

Asia has been imprisoned already for five years.  Some of this has been in solitary confinement. 
Her recent appeal was denied, and apparently the two witnesses against her were not even allowed to be cross-examined.  Their words were considered fact, even though one of them reportedly was not even there during the original conversation.  She plans to appeal to the Supreme Court there in Pakistan.  Read about it Here.
There is danger for her and her family even in the time of waiting. See ACLJ article Here .

I was sadly disappointed to learn recently that Asia wrote letters which would demonstrate that she is actually a Roman Catholic rather than a Christian.  One was to the Pope and the other to her family mentioned going to the arms of the "Virgin Mary" as well as "Our Lord" when she died.   While a lot of Roman Catholics may seem to know a lot of the right words at first, they should not be assumed to be Christians.  I wish that news sites and organizations would not keep calling Roman Catholics by the name of Christian confusing us.

Please, if you are confused why I say there is a difference, look at these sites:

A Prayer For Roman Catholics - Tony Miano

Is Roman Catholicism a Christian denomination? (Roman Catholicism)

The Gospel

So, what can Christians & others in America and around the world do to help Asia Bibi?

1.  Pray.  Those of us who are truly Christians can pray that Asia will turn away from looking to Mary and the Pope and look to Christ alone.   We can also pray that her sentence will be overturned, and that there will be more freedom in Pakistan if it is God's will.  We can pray that the true Gospel will be proclaimed in Pakistan by courageous Christians willing to risk their lives, and that people will not be deceived by counterfeits.

2.  Sign the ACLJ petition Here .

3.  Petition Pakistani Officials.

The following is a song done by a British band named Ooberfuse.  I have not heard of them before, so I cannot endorse the singers.
The tune is memorable though, and if you like it and want a free download click Here.

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