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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson, Don't Quit, In His Steps

Many people are thinking about what happened with Michael Brown & Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, & the fact that the officer was not brought to trial.

People are quick to treat Officer Wilson as a racist or judge that he abused authority, but they never stop to think of the shoe being on the other foot. What if the officer was black & a young adult white man larger than he was fit the description of a suspect announced over the radio?
What if the evidence of the theft was in the young man's hand & he was showing no respect for authority?
What if the white young adult was high & came & attacked the black officer & struggled over his gun? 
What if the white guy came back at the officer looking as though he might attack again?
 Should this sad incident really be about color?
 Is this not a case where a teen made wrong choices, & a cop doing his job risked his life?
Too many people have a we / they mentality.

We can all feel sad for the choices Michael Brown made that brought about this situation where he lost his life. Teens need to learn to respect authority & obey the laws, but more than that...the Michael Browns & Darren Wilsons of this world both need the Gospel of Christ. 
White, brown, black & all the beautiful shades God created...all people need to see their sin & what Christ did on the cross for the ungodly.  It isn't about skin.  It's about sin.  He died for sinners like you & me.
What is the Gospel? 

Don't quit. What do you think of when you hear these words?

The words sound simple, but what if not quitting means suffering, danger, or putting your life at risk? Whether you are going through physical or mental suffering that makes you want to end it all, or you are a police officer, a soldier, a fireman, a medic, a missionary, someone treating Ebola, a student, an athlete, or an out of work person waiting for a job you probably know that endurance is difficult.  Are we willing to suffer rejection, hatred, pain or to risk our lives for the sake of others?    Are we willing to suffer for those who might hate us? 
If you are a Christian, are you willing to suffer for Jesus' sake even though you may not see any apparent positive result?

Please listen to the following message beginning around 40 minutes in & hear how a life was saved literally, or listen to the individual "Don't Quit" message further down.

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We have begun the In His Steps book as a family recently, & last night I rented the modern 2013 movie adaptation of the book. The movie was pretty good except I felt it may have over-emphasized works without pointing out the Gospel is foremost. But we should show compassion as Christians.
The acting could have been better, but I do like that it pointed out that faith without works is dead (although we are in no way saved by them...but unto them.)

UPDATE: I do not recommend the In His Steps book. 

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