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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Grace Community Church Live-Streams Christmas Concert, Apologetics Store, A Service Dog for Matty, & Pro-life Resource

FREE Live-Stream Christmas Concert

Grace Community Church where John MacArthur is head pastor has Christmas concerts each year, and this year they will allow a live-stream of the December 21, 2014 at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central U.S. / 2 AM In the U.K.  Christmas concert live online! 
Also, after the concerts are over they will loop the concert every couple of hours until New Years!
Concert Information Page
Church Live-Stream

Absolute Apologetics

Sye Ten Bruggencate has a new place online where you can get some great items.  I have gotten some of his Gospel tracts & How To Answer The Fool DVD / booklet sets, but he also has some cool looking t-shirts available (in limited sizes at the moment)!  You can take a look Here.


A 7 year old child named Matty Pangle has autism and has an opportunity to get a service dog, but his family needs help to get it.  The dog will be able to track him if he wanders off, and it is supposed to help keep him calm.  I became aware of Matty on an online radio program that I listen to weekly called Cross Encounters Radio.  His family lives in Virginia, and his parents are Christians.
You can learn more about Matty from the following:
Matty Pangle's Fundraising Page

Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Cross Encounters on BlogTalkRadio



There is a good resource site on the subject of abortion that includes those who are considering one, those who have had one, Pastors and others who want to get involved.
It's A Child
While you are online children are being murdered.
Number of Abortions.

Personal note:  I am still in physical therapy after surgery and now a family member is facing a surgery for a more aggressive meningioma.  We would appreciate prayer from other Christians for these situation.  Thank you.


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