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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Was It God? • I Don't Believe in Atheists • Reformed Radio • Be Like Christ

"God Told Me..." ???

Whether it is Beth Moore, Sarah Young, or any other popular writer, teacher, pastor or person in your own church - when anybody says "God told me" something, and it is not in the Bible - beware!
Even musicians like Keith Green or others who claim(ed) inspiration for songs also are /were out of line.
God will hold each of us accountable for our words (Matthew 12:36-37), and those who hold more authority will be held to an even greater judgment (James 3:1).
When someone says, "God told me..." they are claiming inspiration from God.  When they know He didn't literally tell them something then they are liars.  Lying & adding to God's words are sins.
I found this article from years past that focuses in on people making claims such as these:
Follow God's Will (And Never Mind The Mystery)
It is troubling that many churches promote authors & teachers who elevate their feelings to the level of words from God.  This kind of thinking makes one prone to fall into other errors based on subjective feelings & not Biblical truth. People like these need to be called to repentance by the church for their public errors & adherence to heresy rather than promoted in churches' "Christian" stores.

Atheists Do Not Exist

The other week I heard a message given by Phil Johnson at Grace Community Church.  It so reminded me of Sye Ten Bruggencate & all that I have learned from him. It is based on the Scriptural principles found in Romans 1. I kept checking to see about its being online.  So, now I want to share it with you.
Why I Don't Believe in Atheists (Phil Johnson)

Voice In The Wilderness Radio

There is an excellent new online radio station with teachers like: Phil Johnson, Paul Washer, John MacArthur & some other lesser known pastors who hold to certain confessions of faith.

Do You Really Know Jesus?

"If you claim to be a Christian, you should be Christ-like."
"Can you honestly say God is producing in you the character of Jesus?"
Something to think about as we go through our day:

Conrad Mbewe: Do You Know God? You Must Be Like Christ! from Media Gratiae on Vimeo.

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