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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shepherds' Conference: Part 5 -The Death of Christ • Union With The Triune God

This is the final installment of thoughts and quotes from the Shepherds' Conference:

General Session 9: Paul Washer

Why would a man take it upon himself to enter a profession where every time he opens his mouth, he fails? - Paul Washer #ShepCon

With regards to eschatology,  you will know everything about the Second Coming on the day that it occurs. - Paul Washer #ShepCon

The first step in the Gospel is the knowledge of God. ...Your task preacher is to study the attributes of God (and preach them). #ShepCon PW

How can a holy and just God cover sin and still be just? ...
God justifies the wicked. - Paul Washer #ShepCon

God did not take your sin off of you & throw it on the ground & trample it. He took the sin off His elect and cast it on Christ. #ShepCon PW

There has never been a human being ..who for one fraction of a second loved the Lord their God with all heart, mind, & strength. #ShepCon PW

When we believed in Christ, we were legally, forensically, declared to be right with God & He treated us as right with Him.-Washer #ShepCon

Every gift of God should be collected in the box of our heart...everything was bought by His suffering. Paul Washer #ShepCon

God's only Covenant keeper took the place of the Covenant breakers and took the curse that was theirs. - Washer #ShepCon

It wasn't the Romans beating on Jesus that atoned for sin, it was the wrath of God that He bore.  #ShepCon (Hearing Paul Washer)

My sins are so high that only a work like that can save me. - Paul Washer speaking on Christ's taking the wrath of God for sin. #ShepCon

General Session 10: John MacArthur

The elect for whom Christ died & lived have to believe the Gospel. - John MacArthur  #ShepCon

Jesus was inerrant, infallible. - John MacArthur #ShepCon

it's all passed down (the truth) from the Father, to the Son, to the Spirit,  to the apostles.  #ShepCon (John MacArthur)

Faith comes by hearing the words concerning Christ. #ShepCon (Listening to John MacArthur)

What is eternal life?  Eternal life is the true transforming knowledge of God.

When you have been regenerated, you have literally been drawn up and out of the world. - John MacArthur #ShepCon

This is the character of our evangelism...  You are God's prosecutors.  You prosecute the world.  You indict sinners. - JMac #ShepCon

It's the preaching that prosecutes sinners. - John MacArthur
#ShepCon (Exposing sin)

John the Baptist was God's last OT prosecutor, & he lost his head.  #ShepCon Listening to John MacArthur

We're all wrapped up in the Trinity.  We share the same life.  - John MacArthur
 (John 17:23)  #ShepCon

Salvation's not a ticket to Heaven, escape from judgment.  It's being caught up into the life of the Trinity. - John MacArhur  #ShepCon

If God is not all your joy here, then Heaven will be less for you. - John MacArthur #ShepCon #ShepCon2016

We are safe in the eternal sense.  We are unsafe in the temporal sense.  We live in imminent danger. - John MacArthur #ShepCon

Jesus sanctified Himself.   Sanctification is perfect obedience to the Word & will of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. JMac #ShepCon

We're on God's heart.  He's concerned that the sinners He died for get to glory.
Hearing J. MacArthur #ShepCon
He loves His own infinitely.

God has loved us as He has loved Christ Jesus His beloved Son (as we are in Him). #ShepCon

Only a God who is more than 1 Person can love.  Listening to John MacArthur #ShepCon

Next year "We Preach Christ" will be the theme, & it will be 4 days! #ShepCon #ShepCon2016

Al Mohler, Steve Lawson,  Ligon Duncan,  Michael Reeves, Phil Johnson, & Stephen Nichols in February 2017 #ShepCon

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