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Monday, April 25, 2016

Target & The Myth of Self-Identity

Last week, Target made a decision to allow people to go in the restroom of their choice basically.
That means men who claim to identify as a female can go into the ladies' room, and women can go into the men's restroom claiming to identify as male.

Female restroom stalls in many big stores have spaces where people can peek through, as well as lots of open space down below near the feet.
Target's decision is an open invitation to predators, and it invades the privacy of all who don't want to be seen by the opposite gender.
While pandering to the few, they have taken away the privacy and safety of others.

This is a world gone crazy, where people think they can create their own reality.
 Absolute truth is tossed out the window, as people suppress truth, and they turn to worship self and pleasure.  Anything and everything goes.  It's like a Disney movie where people are told they can be whatever they want to be.

A friend of mine (Tony Miano) decided to see what would happen if someone self-identified as a Target employee.
Some people have criticized him for it, but he was polite and made his point without a big fuss.
Better than that, the video has an even more important message that everyone needs to hear.

I shared about the video with someone who was doing a medical test on me last week.  
I asked her later if she wanted to hear what happened, and I wrote out enough information on the back of a 180 Movie card for her to find it for herself.  I hope she did.

If you have not watched already, hear what happened for yourself.
Please watch it all the way through.

God created people male and female.  We don't choose our gender.  God does.
Self-identity is a myth, and love speaks the truth.

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