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Monday, April 4, 2016

Telling The Truth About Gender & The Criminalization of Abortion

This world is in deep rebellion toward God.  People reject the absolutes, and they want to do what is right in their own eyes.  What God made is good.  When people reject the gender that He assigned and created them with genetically and then desire that others accept and celebrate it, they are in flagrant rebellion.  Anyone who refuses to tell the truth to them is not actually loving them as they might imagine they are doing.

If you had a child that started habitually lying to you, and they seemed to begin to believe their lies, would it be loving to tell them that it was okay?  Would you tell them that whatever they feel like saying is their reality, and that you will celebrate it?  I hope not!   Absolute truth exists, and God doesn't lie.   When you placate sin, it only brings more pain to a person.  People need to understand what God says about them.   We don't get to choose our own reality.

Another way that even Christians are failing is on the issue of criminalizing abortion.
Many Christians believe that abortion is murder, but they don't want justice to apply to the mothers choosing to have their babies killed.

The children are being created in God's image, and they are human no matter what stage they are at.  Women who go to get abortions know they are pregnant.  Very few people haven't seen or heard about ultrasounds (some ultrasounds are even really superb).

Some suppress the truth about their babies, and they want to hear lies about their baby's humanity to assuage their convicting conscience that God gave them.  Some will reconsider when people remind them of the truth, or have them get an ultrasound where they can't continue to deceive themselves.  Others don't even try to deny that they know what they are doing, and they boast and joke about killing their babies.  Some also flagrantly rebel against God by saying that God will forgive them (before they even go into the abortion clinic).
Some may have heard truth before and claim to be saved, but their deliberate disobedience and presumption puts that in serious doubt.

For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins,     Hebrews 10:26

So, what is this leading to?
A woman who hires a hit man to kill someone is guilty of murder before God.   Many Christians would like to see the government laws reflect that truth.
While some women may be pressured by people to kill their babies,  in America they are rarely literally forced.   There might be reason to argue for victimhood only if a minor girl or someone is dragged in unwillingly.
Pressure and force are not the same things.
Nevertheless, everybody involved in murder has some responsibility including the Supreme Court and Congress and voters.
Abortionists are not the only culprits in this crime, although they should be held guilty too.   Abortionists wouldn't exist without people who wanted to kill their babies before they can see the light of day.
Mothers are often the last defense for their child, but sadly many are denying their child protection in what should be a safe haven.

Some Christians are afraid to admit that justice should be done to mothers that have their babies killed.   I understand the desire to want to be compassionate, and we know that God forgives women when they truly repent of sin.  Still,  which of these lives are not worthy of justice?
It is not wrong to want our laws to reflect God's character and the value that He places on human life.

Women need to hear about God's law and to hear the Gospel.
I hope that many will repent and trust in Christ's death for forgiveness of sin and His resurrection resulting in eternal life.
Still, we should not be opposed to earthly justice on behalf of the babies, and we shouldn't call murderers "victims" when it comes to their choosing to have an abortion.
Sometimes people pointing out the truth at the clinics...proclaiming God's law and the Gospel...saves lives (and hopefully some may become Christians).
All Christians should care enough to speak truth firmly on this subject demonstrating true love.

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