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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Project 10-19 : Law Enforcement Lives Matter

A friend of mine named Tony Miano has begun a project that you might want to participate in doing in your community as well.  It's called Project 10-19.

He is holding up signs to support law enforcement at different law enforcement stations in the Los Angeles area.  His sign has Bible verse references, his website address, and of course, it says "Law Enforcement Lives Matter."

He is encouraging people to pray each day for the officers at the station that he is at (which I hope to do), and he has his Police Lives Matter Gospel tracts with him to give out (as most of all we desire people to turn to Christ).

You can help provide Tony with Gospel tracts, ....AND, if you want to do the same thing that he is doing where you live then that would be great!  Please let him know, and I would love to know if you were encouraged to participate as well.

In fact, I would love it if October 19th could be a day when people all over the U.S. would go and hold up signs and have tracts available.  If you like the idea, please set up an event and let me know!

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