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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wise Behavior & Wise Speech - Take Heed Social Media World!

The Master's University has been holding the Truth & Life Conference again this year, and the first two messages that I have been able to stream have been so excellent that I want to share them with you!
These messages were given at a college, but what is being taught from Scripture is very applicable and needed by all Christians.
It is something that those of us on social media need to consider often, although it is true for all of life.
I would like to see myself living and speaking with more wisdom.

The first message live-streamed was given by John MacArthur.
He shared Scripture comparing fools with the wise, and at one point he simply read straight from Proverbs!  
Wisdom is found in God!

Steve Lawson gave a message about the tongue being a fountain of life.
He shared from Proverbs about the kinds of things we should & shouldn't say as believers.
It will likely be convicting to you!
Sometimes we need to confront people, but there are many times we should restrain our words.
It starts a little over 4 minutes in.

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