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Monday, December 23, 2019

The Shepherds' Conference 2020 Is Coming Soon!

The Shepherds' Conference in 2020 (for pastors, elders, and church leaders) is slated to be on Doctrine.
This is a good time to be focusing on that, because a lot of churches are going off course.
They usually live-stream the conference (at least in recent years), so I'm hopeful it will happen again this next time!

Most of the speakers (but not all) are going to be "in house" so to speak (with connections to Grace Community Church, The Master's Seminary & University).
Steve Lawson teaches some at the seminary, and even H. B. Charles got an honorary degree from TMS.
I don't know of any direct connection with Conrad Mbewe or Paul Washer, so they are exceptions.
John MacArthur, Paul Twiss, Nathan Busenitz, Mike Riccardi, Abner Chou, Austin Duncan, and Phil Johnson are all on the list of speakers. 
I have been blessed to live-stream them even when they speak at Grace Community Church, and so I feel quite safe to recommend them.

I tweeted a suggestion after the last conference that they do an "in house" one the next time, so I'm happy to see that it is planned to be mostly that.
I'm not saying that they did it because of me, but I'd like to imagine they noticed the tweet!

The conference is scheduled for March 4-6th.  You can watch the video below as well as visit the the Shepherds Conference Site.

John MacArthur on Shepherds’ Conference 2020 from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

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