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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kingsport, TN Day Trip

Today we took a trip to Bays Mountain Park and the Exchange Place in Kingsport, TN.
The park was very nice, and we saw different kinds of animals as well as a snake in the lake (man made lake from a dam). There was a bobcat, some white tailed deer, wolves, turtles, a raccoon, river otters I think, some birds, etc. They have some historical farm things, and at the Exchange Place we saw even more historical things. They have a place that was a home, a schoolhouse, a small home that slaves and a cook lived in, an old store/ post office buiding, etc. On the other side of the street were places from people from the Union side that came from somewhere else in the area. It was difficult to find the Exchange Place without the exact address with us...even though we have a GPS directions/map device.
The barge rides at the park were not available until next month...which it almost is! We didn't pay to go into the planetarium either, but apparently it is one of the main attractions there. At the Exchange place at the museum store I bought a bonnet like ones worn in the old days (for gardening I plan to use it). Anyway, I thought I'd share about our fun trip. Recently I saw a couple of American finches in our front yard/ garden (birds that have yellow on them. At the Exchange Place they had some chickens, and there was a little creek.

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