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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peter Furler of the Newsboys Quitting As Lead Singer

I was confused by something I heard on the radio the other day. They were talking about Peter Furler not being the lead singer with the Newboys anymore or something like that, but that he was going to come back and be in Johnson City at the concert singing as well as Michael Tait.
I thought that the DJ was confused on station, but I have looked it up today and have seen others telling about the announcement of Michael Tait taking over as lead singer.
Peter Furler will just write and direct behind the scenes. He is not quitting the band entirely, and he may turn up now and then on the road.
That is very sad to me, because Peter Furler is pretty much the Newsboys in my opinion. I was thinking of maybe communicating on their site, but now I don't think I will.
It isn't that I dont like Michael Tait. It will just be a different group than before. Perhaps I will like the sound of the new group, but even with the name Newsboys it won't have the same sound or be the same. I'm confused at to whether Peter will keep being the lead or a backup singer on the albums. A further announcement will come on their website soon.
I can understand it that he doesn't want to keep traveling about in some ways, but it is still sad for fans. It won't be like Cliff Richard's long career, but then Peter is a married man and the road can be tiring for singers I've read or heard. If they switch during the concert tour that will be a disappointment to many people. Some might think that he is wanting the group to continue with someone younger. Michael Tait is not that young at all. He used to sing with DC Talk and then on his own, and he has got to also be in his 40's. That's not old, but for a singer it is unfortunately considered old to some. Peter is 42 until September 8th.
It is nice that he will continue to write, but he won't be lead singer ... at least at the concerts?
Anyway, I even more so want to get the In the Hands of God album where Peter is still the lead singer, in case we don't get to hear that either ever or much again!
It's disappointing to lose that unique sound that I enjoyed off and on over the years.


  1. I AM NOT HAPPY! Y dont they go ahead and change the name of the group, cos its no longer newsboys afteral 'Peter' was the face of newsboys...

  2. IKR! Peter is like Newsboys sound! How can they do that? Are they still going to record with Peter and tour with Micheal Tait?

  3. We have to all remember here folks that the point of "The Newsboys" coming directly from Peter himself is to be missionaries. Sure he's a great singer.. Can you imagine if a missionary in Africa worked for 20+ years and eventually felt that they needed to move their family back home to North America and no one in the area accepted any new missionaries just because they weren't the specific one? That would be sad. More than Peter taking a step back. Instead of fans taking a step back and just looking at the skills of the group we should be looking at how many people they ministered to. We should support them, Peter, and keep buying their CD's, going to their shows, cheering on Michael and be thankful for the time that we did get to hear Peter and the Newsboys. After all it's all God's work and this is obviously in his plans for the Newsboys. Let's hope that with a new sound maybe they can reach a different type of listener that wouldn't have preferred the style that Peter was. Although I loved him personally as well, a lot of young people out there listen to hip hop etc and hopefully Michael can help them see that Christian music, singing, praising, dancing for Jesus can be a blast!

    Rock on forever Newsboys. Jesus is watching over you with a smile on his face!