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Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Sad Day For America

Today is the day our current President undoes another good thing that our former President Bush did in office. President Bush limited funding for embryonic stem cell research to lines existing previously from before a certain date. That was because those babies were already dead, and they cannot be brought back to life. President Bush stopped federal funding from going to the destruction of human embryos which is human life.
Now, President Obama is rescinding that order, and now the taxpayers money will go to killing human life against the will of any well-educated Christian with a conscience.
Embryonic stem cell research is not necessary, and other means have been found that are actually moral and work better than killing a person when they are most helpless.
I realize that others were still killing these helpless people to do research apart from U.S. funding. It should have been made illegal.
As I have become more educated about such things, I question people having human life put together outside the womb at all. I know people are desperate to have babies, but I feel that God knows better than we do about how that should come about or if it should. Still, if a person chooses that route, if they are a Christian they can try to have every single baby that they have had put together outside the womb. They are still human and should not be discarded or treated like scientific guinea pigs.
I have heard on the radio an adoption group that takes some of these babies and puts them up for adoption for other women to have.
God is the Creator of human life after all, even when people put their finger in the pie and think they are creating life themselves. God created the egg and the sperm. He creates the DNA. He is the true Author of life no matter how we humans try to take control.
Is life so cheap? Just because these children haven't been allowed the luxury of a natural start inside the protection of a womb do we discard or do scientific research on them?
Some people wouldn't even allow an animal to be treated this way, but animals do not have a soul like a human. Animals and other creation were made for mankind, but man has a higher value even than these. We are made in God's image. Today, a president is planning to force people to pay for something against their conscience and against their God.
This is indeed a sad day for America.

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