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Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Fun

I went on the toboggan today and yesterday. The video is from yesterday when it was a little slower's powdery and in the 20s!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rhema's Story

Merry Christmas everybody! Time to celebrate the birth of the Savior who came to die for sins in place of we who believe. Good news for now my Dad is not diagnosed with cancer. We may have a white Christmas here in TN as well like the old song.

This feature about Rhema is much better than the other one I waited so long to watch on ABC.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gunman fires at Fla. school board, kills self - National News | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news

Gunman fires at Fla. school board, kills self - National News | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news
Well, here is a class warfare guy...poster boy for the Democrats' mentality? He feels negatively about rich Republicans and Democrats, but he's the kind of guy the Democrats influence in their encouraging jealousy of the "rich." Yes, there are rich Democrats too, and you don't see them cutting their own salaries generally!
Still, Democrats are the ones who teach "poor" people to hate the rich to foster votes for themselves. This guy was clearly mixed up and crazy, but his mentality is one based on blaming the rich...someone else... for your problems instead of seeking God to help you in your time of need.
Democrats think they can take money from the rich (a form of stealing I feel) to give to others (some who really don't need it) or to use on their pet projects. I think they got mixed up watching Robin Hood, only Robin Hood was serving the actual King and not the usurper! That was a little different.
It was crazy seeing Democrats act like not stealing more money from people who get an inheritance or something is somehow putting us more in debt or robbing from someone else. Really, it's just not dipping your hand into someone else's bank account like an identity thief matter what they plan to do with the money...which generally is more of a waste of money than what the original owner of the money would have done likely. Actually, a lot of people who have more money give generously to those in need I think, as well as they create jobs for people who have less!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun Things In December

A lot of things have been going on lately, but I will mention the enjoyable things for now. We watched the new Voyage of the Dawn Treader last weekend, which was mostly good but for Eustace practically using God's name in vain...all but the d and slight modesty issues and a bit of a psychological twist. It got more dramatic maybe halfway in, and it was hard not to keep in mind a negative review or so I had read. Also, I was comparing it to the BBC version which had some things quite a bit different.
Still, we had some fun watching it with my family & some friends there last Saturday.
Today we have beautiful scenes outside, and in spite of my sore throat I'm not doing too badly. I don't know if I should go on my toboggan, but maybe to get the mail later?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A. It's a day to thank God for our blessings based on a time when the then natives shared with the immigrant pilgrim settlers.
Things have been stressful in our household with medical and other things going on, but I need to remember to thank God for what I do have and the blessings from the past.
I can be thankful for family and salvation from eternal death and sins.
I'm thankful that God has continued to provide our needs in spite of some things that make it uncertain at times in what manner He would do it if things changed. He still promises to provide our needs.
I'm not oblivious to the news and what is going on in Korea for instance or Haiti, or I'm sure things are no picnic for people in Pakistan. For those who know the Lord in those places it is still tough, but Jesus is the One constant that we can hold onto in faith. He helps us through and to shine brilliantly in the end through these trials, even if we go to be with Him when disaster hits.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of my friends even if you are not an American. I think many countries have their own version of Thanksgiving, and for those who don't you can always start!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day outside! We went out to eat to celebrate a birthday and then to Horse Creek. The leaves are just starting to change colors here and there, and in one section it was butterfly city! It seemed like they were practically swarming. It is a nice forest area with a creek that has a dirt road to walk on, or you can get closer to the creek if you want as well.
Then we went to Mountain View Bulk Food store afterward where it was crowded!
There was an old car parked in the Farmer's Daughter parking lot next door which I took a photo of. I plan to post photos later.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gold Sold

My sister & I had an interesting experience today. We went to where they were buying gold and silver and some other items. We waited a couple of hours more or less, and my back was in pain from sitting and standing so long!
A man sorted through and looked at our items, but only two rings were chosen for them to buy! I was getting the impression we wouldn't get much if we would sell even those, so I was surprised that they offered and gave a check for $30.40. One of the rings was a plain 14K band and the other had the jewel missing and didn't even say it was gold. They apparently could tell though, and I'm glad I brought those along.
They seem to be a company that has either an A- or B- on the BBB (seem to be listed twice), so hopefully the check will be good!
I've been suffering from fibromyalgia pain a lot lately, but I keep being online a lot which can add to the misery.
I have also started a bead craft this week for a gift in the future. The weather has been great here recently. That is very nice except that plants need to be watered today!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I realize I haven't posted for quite awhile. A lot of things have gone on, but I haven't felt like posting anything here for some reason.
Today was a beautiful day here in TN. I'm dreaming of traveling again. I think it is something to distract me from the monotony of life as a person unable to work a job. It also is distracting from my feeling down and stressed recently.
I realize I have a lot to be thankful for as well. I'm sure a lot of people feel trapped in routines who either work outside or inside the home.
Some people feel trapped who are out of work even if they are able bodied.
One thing that is good is to start thinking about other people and looking to Jesus to ask Him for joy and ways to serve Him. That is something I need to do.
So, while I have a strong desire to travel, I know that I will have to wait for the right time when things come together if that's meant to be.
The same is true for other things in life. I struggle with thinking ahead too much. I really need to just enjoy what I have while I have it and trust God to help me when the blessings seem to fade away. I tend to focus on negative feelings too much.
I hope this introspective post isn't too depressing to my readers. In late September or early October I hope to have some interesting things to share about a trip to Knoxville for a family member's doctor appointment. There isn't much to see there, but I hope to see one or two interesting places. We plan to spend the night, so I will get to rest up a bit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beautiful Singing

This 7 year old's mother died in Nov., 2008. I think her website says she sings for the glory of God. She also sings Amazing Grace. I saw online a video of her mother singing and talking before she died of ovarian cancer. Rhema (pronounce Rayma I think by her mother) has quite a gift. I hope she will not go wild like most girls who get fame early.
I'm sharing this video she did with some guy of a Celine Dion song called The Prayer.

The Prayer - Amazing 7yr old Rhema Marvanne from Rhema Marvanne on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Perplexed, But Not Despairing

There are a lot of things going on to upset a person these days.
There is all the wasteful spending and heading toward socialism going on. Also, abortion is becoming funded in places it wasn't allowed because of Obama.
Then there is a supposed cultural center planned to be built that has a place for Muslim prayer and teaching (by a radical Imam who believes in Sharia law) very close to Ground Zero where the attacks happened in New York.
Well, there are other stressful things going Arizona having to go to court over a law that is perfectly within their rights and not racist at all.
Then I got upset yesterday on Farm Town in the market place with some guy spouting off a racist remark against black people...very untrue and upsetting!
It's good to know that even though all these things are bad that I still can trust in God that He will bring about His purposes even through all this evil that seems to be taking over. Although I try to avoid looking at parts of the violence on the Lord of the Rings series now, I really can identify how it relates to the world today. That is what I like about the films. We are constantly in a spiritual battle both personally and with the evil coming from this world and Satan to attack righteousness.
I am thankful that I can still enjoy some beauty God created that I want to share with you from our garden. I will put some photos on the side as this posting is quite long already!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Fun Trip & Song

We went on a fun trip to the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park and the Pinnacle Overlook where we could see 3 states from up above. We stayed in Kentucky for the night and visited an old iron forge and the area of Martin Station (we did not tour the actual settlement). We also went to an Abraham Lincoln museum. We ate some tasty food at Webb's Country Kitchen (that had an impatient rude waitress) and Haymaker Farms Restaurant (that had a forgetful but very nice waitress) besides food from the Dairy Queen and overeating some the hotel breakfast. I may share some photos of the trip on here to the side. Here is a very nice worship song I wanted to share with a young girl singing it...cute!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Refuge and Strength in Troubled Times

Here are some verses I read today that it is good for me to be reminded of:
"God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though
the earth should change
And though the mountains slip into
the heart of the sea;
Though its waters roar and foam,
Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride.
(Psalm 46:1-3)
I do struggle with fear and anxiety, so I need to be reminded to give all of these things to God. I can't do a thing to change some things except to pray and remember the good things God has done before. He will help us even if the earth falls apart and the people go beserk....which seems to be happening at times these days. He's always taken care of our needs, and He has given help to endure and even better at times to have praise and a feeling of hope during difficult times.
It's nice to know His strength is made perfect in our weakness, because I'm sure a weakling!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bristol VA/TN

We took a trip to Bristol today! I have actually been to Virginia now for the first time! It was fun, and we got to eat Hersheys ice cream again, and see where Tennessee and Virginia meet. We also went to the Holston River Dam, but we were too late to see the water running the best way. Still, it was neat seeing fishermen and enjoying the peaceful scenery and sounds.

I stopped posting on the Christian forums site, as it sometimes was redirecting me to gibberish like a virus or something. There are some times when I wish I could go back on, as I've seen some great things that I could share to answer them even more on their ideas about evolution, etc.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful Flowers

I thought I'd share some photos of some of the flowers we have that I have gotten to enjoy this month. The flowers on the right are Rocket Rhododendron. My sister bought three of those plants this year. We are trying to make a hedge near our property line. The flowers on the left are Pink Ruffles azaleas.
We plan to transplant those at some point as well. We have one more Thuja left to transplant, and some other azaleas, etc. If only I can get over this sickness I've had for a couple of weeks or so...! It may frost tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping all of our plants will make it. I plan to bring in the small butterfly bush plant. It's hailing outside now...better go rescue plants!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It was a beautiful day yesterday, although it felt hot and muggy. Today is supposed to be around 20 degrees cooler!
We went to the Andrew Johnson welcome center, and we saw Andrew Johnson's tailor shop. It sounded like a ghost was clipping scissors in there!
We also went to the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery which also is a veterans cemetery where veterans can still be buried in Greeneville, TN. It was interesting to try to figure out if any of the people died during a war. There were some who died the year after a war, and that is pretty sad. It makes one wonder if it was natural or suicide or injuries or an accident.
There were some who died in their early 20's, but not a lot of the ones I looked at. I certainly didn't look at all of the tombstones, as there are a lot of them....although not as many as some cemeteries. It was on a hill, and the drive up to the top is narrow! It's a hill, so a bit difficult for looking at the tombstones except for the Johnson ones and other related or officials' ones at the very top. I didn't take any photos there, but I took one of these very pretty trees!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nostalgic Keith Green Video

We watched from the first video of First Love again tonight. It's very nostalgic listening to people singing the old music from years back. People like the Second Chapter of Acts, Love Song, as well as Keith Green's previously unreleased song with videos of him. It's really amazing to think he died before he reached the age of 29!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gatlinburg Trip

We got back from a fun trip to Gatlinburg today.
We managed to walk to Cataract Falls and back from the Sugarlands Visitor Center area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We also went on to the Chimneys Picnic area...not walking! There was even a little leftover snow around there.
The hotel we stayed at was Fairfield Inn in downtown Gatlinburg.
We were next to the "river" that was like a wide creek, and there was a whirlpool tub in the room (yes, in the room!, and a gas type fireplace and a balcony. The walls were thin though!
Anyway, we walked downtown some looking for a particular pancake place. We ended up at the second choice on my list which was just okay and cost too much, and then we walked on to the Aquarium. Well, we got two wheelchairs there and took turns pushing each other.
I would say it's comparable to the Aquarium of the Pacific in some ways, only there is nothing out of doors. Also, this place had a fun area for the kids, and the sea life going overhead while you are on a conveyer belt thing (although some points it stopped working!).
Today we went to the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge (to one of the display places). We actually got to vote on our favorite quilt, although my Dad didn't participate! Then we ate at The Cracker Barrel, and my Mom & I got something at a gas station store on the way back to first picking up our cat from the vet kennel and then going home. It rained today on the way home, but the weather was pretty good for most of the trip. It was even sunny some the first day, so that I was shedding my jacket and second shirt jacket! I still had a long sleeved shirt.
Really my pain level could have been worse, and that hot tub was a big help for sore muscles (we used swim suits to use that). I'm very thankful it went so well overall for me. It was pushing it for us though!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Declaring the End from the Beginning

I heard a question and answer session recently that I took some notes on.
I thought I'd share something from Isaiah 46...and it can be comforting to know this after earthquakes and so many unusual things that have gone on lately.
"Remember the former things long past,
For I am God, and there is no one like Me,
Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things which have not been done,
Saying, 'My purpose will be established,
And I will accomplish all My good pleasure';"...
I know that God will work things to serve His purpose. Even in events that seem terrible, He is likely to be working out something good in peoples hearts and lives who are still living.
Also, at the same time He shows mercy and love and His goodness to people...His character...and He can even use us!
Kind of a neat thought that God can use me even through prayer and sometimes giving through other Christians showing God's kindness.
So, whatever the reasons in earthquakes, recessions, blizzards, we know God's Hand will be accomplishing something good.
Sorry if I'm sounding like teaching. These are thoughts that have come to my mind, and also what I've listened to this week...besides the Olympics, etc.
God is sovereign!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caring for the Lost

I started a thread on the Christian Forums Outreach section, and I've gotten quite a few interesting responses. I might have limited myself a bit on responding, but I did respond a little so far.
Please don't look much at the ads. I thought that it would give me a base as to the people I am communicating with...if I continue to post now and then.
There are a lot of people out there who believed they were Christians before who no longer acknowledge God. I think some people may be running from guilt who never were truly repentant and so never accepted/received forgiveness. I understand the doubts some have had, but it seems people want to run from the implications of a God that could have a ramification on their life. Some people were probably just going through the motions, and they were innoculated with just enough "religion" to harden their hearts. That's something I learned from a message online of a previous pastor...and I can fully understand how that can happen. People tune out, and it's normal to go through rebellious stages. Committed Christians will come back, and they will keep listening to the truth and do things to get back to their First Love. People who have no personal relationship with God will not have that commitment.
Anyway, that's my thoughts at the moment. I will have to carefully measure my responses, and then look for opportunities with those who are interested...and pray!
I really feel sorry for some of these people. They are so lost/wandering.
They can't understand what they are missing...Jesus' love, forgiveness, and real freedom. The freedom of knowing forgiveness, but the desire to want to please God for His and our own joy.
On a lighter note...Happy Valentine's Day ...Presidents Day tomorrow...and whatever else you might be celebrating this month!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Randy Stonehill Song For Sarah

Randy Stonehill from years ago! I went to maybe 4 concerts of his in my life. He's as talented and interesting in person as in recordings. While he really made some serious errors in his earlier Christian life, I believe over the years he became closer to God and more introspective. He was serious and funny both. I haven't heard too much lately to do with him, but those of us who grew up listening to him also think of him as his self titled "Uncle Rand."

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Important cancer findings remain overlooked (

Found this article interesting about cancer risks, and how they still don't tell everyone about abortion and the risk of breast cancer.
Important cancer findings remain overlooked (

Another interesting thing is about the layers found in the past under the North Pole as mentioned in a message I heard recently. It shows really that it wasn't always icy, and helps to prove that a flood did take matter the wild things that "scientists" say about when and why and how. They do believe that the North pole was tropical before though it seems.
Well, enough science for now.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Newsboys Video

For those who hadn't seen my newer posting about myself and's below this video.

newsboys "Born Again" *Official Music Video* from newsboys on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Update

I've been having the joint connecting my leg to the rest of me acting up lately. My back is unhappy too, but I'm a little better this morning at the moment.
What with the Haiti earthquakes, freezing and flooding places, the MA U.S. Senate election, Facebook, etc., I've been occupied with news and such. That really is a hobby of mine...checking news and weather and other interesting things online or on the radio, etc.
It's no wonder my eyes are strained and my head keeps bugging me!
I have stopped posting for now on the Christian forums until I start feeling better sometime.
There is also the Prop. 8 Federal trial in CA.
Our family is doing mostly okay with some little scares and physical problems. Catalina (our cat) is improving, and I'm hopeful that the one sore will go away's almost gone! We won't want to take off the shirts permanently until there is less risk of her starting a new one.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Album & Frustration

In case anybody is interested, the new Newsboys album is coming out June 8 (expected). It's called Born Again. Still, without Peter Furler, I'm not eager to buy it. I am curious some though!
I've posted on the Christian Forums again lately, and it can be very frustrating with the kind of response I get often it seems. This last thread I have posted in has been with someone who wants to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. The person is pretty rude and ridiculous, as they think having a similar amount of chromosomes means that we are like apes. God creating with similarities doesn't equal sameness. It seems the person wants to believe in something there is no real proof of. Even though I shared something with them that addresses the chromosome issue and explains logically why the fused chromosome would not seem to be able to have been different before, they just try to blow it off. I think they are really close-minded, so I'm not sure why they are posting in the section that they are.
It may snow here again tonight, but some of it melted yesterday in spite of the cold. That was because the sun was shining. We tried to get to church, but nobody else was there!
Catalina the cat has managed to get out of a sleeve twice of a baby shirt we are having her wear to keep her from biting on her wound again. Still, it's working out fairly well I think.
I ask for prayer for some kidnapped people in another country who it seems may be alive still after months.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cliff & the Shadows

For those of you interested in seeing one of the songs Cliff Richard did with the Shadows at the reunion concerts last year, they have that and some early footage of Cliff at this link:
I don't know how long they will keep it there, so don't wait too long if you want to see it!
The weather here in TN is cold, and the high might only reach 26 today! The low might be 12 degrees tonight! I'm sure thankful for electric blankets! We only have the heat pump system and a septic tank here! Talk about primitive! Well, we don't have to use an outhouse at least!
We do have some heaters that work with electricity, but it would be a nightmare if the electricity goes!