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Friday, March 31, 2017

Only One Way To God

A lot of people who went to church when they were young eventually drift away.
They become calloused and seemingly inoculated against the truth of Scripture.
Some of these individuals decide to completely deny God exists rather than believe the Gospel.
You may have met some of these people online or in person.
Some turn to false religions, while some create their own hybrid religion.
They'd rather believe in a works-based religion, or make up a religion where there are no expectations of them.
They are serving a created idol.
Some who once actually professed faith in Christ never truly heard or understood the Biblical Gospel at church.
Still, others heard and understood the true Gospel, yet they chose to love sin.

People are all about feeling comfortable and good about themselves, but the problem for them is that absolute truth exists whether or not they like it.
Satan wants people comfortable on the way to Hell.
There is only one way to be saved from God's wrath, and that is through Jesus Christ.
People can't create another way no matter how hard they try. Christ is the door.
There is only one way to God, and that way is narrow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Master's Fellowship, Women & Holiness, Animated Luther Trailer

The Master's Fellowship
There is an exciting opportunity coming up where pastors and churches can connect with the ministries of John MacArthur and get some good teaching resources!
Learn more HERE.

Christian Women Reading Holiness Together
During the first week of April, Lord-willing some of us will be starting to read the book Holiness by J.C. Ryle.   It will be my second time.  I'm inviting Christian ladies to request to join my Facebook group.
You can join in the reading at any point during the weeks we are going through it.
You don't have to buy anything.
Imputationists - Encouragement.

LUTHER Documentary Reminder
The new documentary about Martin Luther is scheduled to be released April 21, 2017. Here is the animated trailer.
Click HERE if you missed the official trailer.

LUTHER: Animated Trailer from Patrol on Vimeo.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Christian Women And Gossip

Gossip is something that many of us struggle with even without intending to do it.
When we have troubles with individuals that are hard to get along with or that seem to not to like us very much, what do we do?
Do we bear up, or do we take our woes to other people?
Do we continue to love those who are hard to get along with?

The video I'm sharing today specifically addresses women.
Ina is someone I met online years ago from having watched a Living Waters program.
I believe we both used to watch it live-streaming while being in the chat room.
She's pretty impressive, and this is convicting!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fighting Bitterness

It doesn't matter how long we have been Christians, bitterness can be a temptation when we feel let down by other Christians.
Lately, I have been reminded how sinful I am, and that I need to be more patient toward others at different stages in their walk with Christ.
I need to speak the truth, but I need to love people more.
I have been discouraged so often, that I have become self-protective.
Sometimes my attitude can make me want to pull away from friends.
This isn't good.
God is patient with me, so why am I so impatient and easily annoyed at others?

Bitter Spirited Christians? • Spurgeon • Grace Gems

The older I get, the more I see how far I have yet to go in spiritual growth.
This doesn't mean that I should be tolerant of error or heresy or be friends with those who propagate it.
It does mean that I should be patient,  seeking and hoping the best for people, and not react in anger.
When seeing the hypocrisy and bad judgment in others, I must remember that my sins are just as bad in God's sight.
If He can forgive me and is patient with me, why do I have so little love and patience with others?
Christian friends, please pray for me to both endure health issues and to demonstrate love toward others.
If there is something that I can pray for you about, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Have You Heard?

All of us will one day face God.
The Triune God created mankind in His image.  
Because mankind sinned (and all of us sin), the world is under God's judgment. 
God will judge the world, and the standard by which He will judge is His own perfect character.
The only way to be saved from the wrath we deserve is to trust in Jesus alone.

God knows our thoughts and deeds.

Lying, lusting, coveting, stealing, adultery, hating each other, gossiping, & not loving and worshiping God for Who He is are sins deserving eternal punishment in Hell. 

There is none righteous (Romans 3:10-12).

We can never get to Heaven by our good works. Cease trying. (Psalm 49:8; Ephesians 2:8-10; Romans 3:20; Galatians 3:2-3)

We all deserve Hell.

God So Loved The World That He Sent His Son To Redeem Sinners.

Jesus Christ - fully God and fully man - was born of a virgin. 
He lived a perfect sinless life and performed miracles as signs of Who He is.

Though innocent, He willingly and intentionally died on a cross to take the punishment for guilty sinners.

Jesus was buried, but He rose from the grave conquering death!

Those who are His will also have bodies resurrected to life, and they will have eternal joy being with Christ forever in Heaven.

Turn from sin and to Christ. 
Believe the Gospel. 
You will be before God as though you had lived Christ's perfect life, and Christ had lived yours.
You will be clean and forgiven!  Read the Bible. It is God's Word to us!

1 Peter 3:18; Romans 5:6-21; John 3:16; Isaiah 53

Monday, March 13, 2017

Shepherds' Conference Videos, TMAI Symposium Audio, Pastor Highlight: Don Green

Shepherds' Conference videos from 2017 are now being posted!
I'm excited to share this with you!

2017 TMAI International Symposium audio is up as well.  
I have not listened yet, but this happened before the Shepherds' Conference with some of the same speakers and more!

Pastor Highlight:  Pastor Don Green is an example of the type of pastor that I would like to have locally.   
He not only has excellent teaching, but he seems to have a compassionate caring about his flock.  
I'm not saying that isn't true about some of my other pastor friends!  
I have seem some of their caring even long distance.
I just want to share some messages that I think will demonstrate why I believe this man is a blessing.

From Anger To Peace - Don Green - I warn you that this one is convicting!

Trusting God In Trying Times Conference - I'm sharing this again, because if you know a Christian who is going through hard times...maybe the death of a loved one...this is helpful.
I was moved to tears to learn that God used my sharing this in the lives of a couple who had lost a loved one last year.  
I hope it will help others as well.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Church Model Of Abortion Clinic Evangelism Ministry

The best type of ministry at abortion clinics is evangelism.
While I don't support every advisory board affiliation of the ministry this church is doing, this model seems to be a good example of working within churches to help them get started.
It is not a group coming from without to condemn, but it helps churches to get involved from within.
It has much to be commended.

The Lord Goes Before Us from Speak for the Unborn on Vimeo.
efore Us from Speak for the Unborn on Vimeo.

The video below is an example of an individual church that does evangelism at abortion clinics - as well as other places.
Sadly, a group called AHA (please see a warning about that group HERE) went to the Shepherds' Conference to call out pastors (who are from around the world) to repent (as though they don't do enough about abortion).
They judged the people by doing this, and yet some of the men from that very conference (and someone from the host church) already had plans to go out to proclaim the Gospel at a clinic that very weekend...and did.
A number of men also went to Hollywood to evangelize.
Evangelism isn't limited to abortion clinics.

There are many churches doing evangelism and going to abortion clinics, and there are those who are involved in evangelizing and / or helping out mothers at pregnancy resource centers.
Then, there are also those of us who cannot go.
We can pray for evangelistic outreaches, and perhaps give money if we are able.
Let's be an encouragement without being factious,  and let us not lose heart.