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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Church Model Of Abortion Clinic Evangelism Ministry

The best type of ministry at abortion clinics is evangelism.
While I don't support every advisory board affiliation of the ministry this church is doing, this model seems to be a good example of working within churches to help them get started.
It is not a group coming from without to condemn, but it helps churches to get involved from within.
It has much to be commended.

The Lord Goes Before Us from Speak for the Unborn on Vimeo.
efore Us from Speak for the Unborn on Vimeo.

The video below is an example of an individual church that does evangelism at abortion clinics - as well as other places.
Sadly, a group called AHA (please see a warning about that group HERE) went to the Shepherds' Conference to call out pastors (who are from around the world) to repent (as though they don't do enough about abortion).
They judged the people by doing this, and yet some of the men from that very conference (and someone from the host church) already had plans to go out to proclaim the Gospel at a clinic that very weekend...and did.
A number of men also went to Hollywood to evangelize.
Evangelism isn't limited to abortion clinics.

There are many churches doing evangelism and going to abortion clinics, and there are those who are involved in evangelizing and / or helping out mothers at pregnancy resource centers.
Then, there are also those of us who cannot go.
We can pray for evangelistic outreaches, and perhaps give money if we are able.
Let's be an encouragement without being factious,  and let us not lose heart.

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