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Monday, October 31, 2011

John Piper on Women's Role

I saw this article on the Christian Post website yesterday, and I agreed with it and wanted to share it: I also believe that a Sunday School has similarities to church when it has a mix of male and females in the class, and so I believe that a man should teach and lead mixed Sunday School classes as well as the worship.  Unfortunately, even the church I go to has women teaching/leading men in classes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Alicia From "180" Movie - Full Interview

"180" Movie has been out online and DVD for over a month now, and some people question whether or not the people in it were actors. The makers of the documentary have now released a video which shares the entire interview with one of the ladies in question. Her name is Alicia (or perhaps Aliza, as a friend I had when I was young spelled her name). She obviously is not an actress, and she is a genuine intelligent person. Please watch! I once had an experience in handing out a tract to someone when I was still a teenager where the man mentioned he had a brother who was a Christian...Baptist I think. Anyway, he thought that might be especially why I gave him a tract, but then he realized that I didn't know that. Perhaps God was at work in his heart as well. He was concerned that becoming a Christian would affect his business as he sold pumpkins and such. We talked about who put the tract out and politics, etc. as well. I'm afraid I didn't know all the right things to say, but I hope that he read the tract since I asked people if they would read it (if my memory serves me right). What was in it was the true Gospel, and I hope that he has repented from sin and placed his faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of all his sins. I really hope that he became a Christian. I wonder if there will be people in Heaven that I gave the Gospel to and that God used me as His instrument in drawing them to Himself. I must admit that the internet allows me to be bolder than I am in person. I believe that Paul said something about his letters being bold. Typing things out gives me time to think and to look things up. I tend to have mental freezes in person. Sorry for my rambling. That's the way I am sometimes!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"180" Movie DVDs Given Away At Colleges / Universities

A couple of days ago copies of the "180" Movie DVD were given out in campuses/campi all over the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. Yesterday, I learned that John MacArthur is now in support of "180" Movie. The following video is of the San Jose State University "180" Movie DVD giveaway: The following link has a list of the schools that DVDs were distributed at: If you want to order DVDs, this first link is for other countries: Here is the link for the U.S. and other countries not included in the first link I believe: Here is the link of ways to get involved (once again I want to distance myself from Kay Arthur):

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sonda-Me Usa-Me (Search Me Use Me) sung by Jotta A

I like the lyrics on this song.  I hope that you can read the captions in English or whatever language they have that you prefer by clicking the "cc" on here after clicking the play arrow. I really would love the Lord to use me as this song expresses.   I hope that He is even through this blog.

I do NOT endorse the authoress of the song or the connections of Jotta, as it seems he's had connections with some bad teaching

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jotta A - The First Song I Heard- "Agnus Dei"

By now you can tell I really like listening to Jotta A! I am sharing today the first song that I heard him do.  It is "Agnus Dei" by Michael W. Smith. In a video online that I saw recently they said that Michael W. Smith wants to sing with Jotta A!  Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shai Linne - Spurgeon [Christian Rap World]

While I'm not a big fan of rap music normally, this one is very interesting and educational. Many of you have heard of Charles Spurgeon and even heard or read from his teachings/books. This particular rap song is biographical. If you are game to listen, you may learn some new things!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Updates on "180" Movie and Prayer Requests

"180" Movie passed the 1,000,000 mark night before last, and it now has had 1,037,321 views on YouTube...and counting!  You can check out to see a news article about it.  If you you haven't watched "180" Movie yet, please go to or view it on YouTube where you can comment, share, like and favorite it.  It starts out about Hitler and then deals with the subject of abortion.
Oh, and a cool website for sharing "180" with people who have smartphones:

There have been recent updates on a couple of people that I wanted to share with you.
Please continue to pray for 2 year old (almost 3) Hailey:
For the latest prayer request updates on a young woman named Karis who has suffered most if not all of her life:

Friday, October 14, 2011

180 Movie Has Gone Viral On YouTube ... What Next?

If you haven’t seen this viral documentary video yet showing what changed some people‘s mind about abortion in a very short time, please watch it now. It will make you think, and it has been instrumental already in saving lives. If you like it, then you can look below the video to find some helpful links of ways to get involved in sharing about “180” Movie. Here is a link of ways to help with promoting and communicating about “180” Movie: On this next link you can find a sample of what you might send to radio stations, TV and radio personalities, newspapers, pro-life sites, etc.: If you have Facebook, you can like the 180 Movie page on there. You can also add a badge to your photo. You can change your photo to 180 by downloading the icon you will find on their page as a profile picture, and there is also a Cause on there that you can share with all of your friends. Also, share the video lots of times on your Wall, because not everybody will look at just one posting of it. The following link has a list of some languages that they are or have translated 180 Movie into: They are having a voice over in Spanish they are working on as well. You can go to YouTube to find “180“ Movie, and click on CC to try to find the language of your choice. The official website is: They also have another website you may want to check out: For a free download to show this video to others: You can also order 180 Movie for as low as $1 a piece if you order 10 or more at: It says $5, but that’s only if you order less than 10. 180 Movie also has the Gospel in it a bit, so I hope that some people will also see the truth about their sin and repent and believe in Jesus and His death on the cross for their sin and His resurrection and be saved. Please spread the word about this!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jordan Sekulow on CBN as Pastor Youcef's Case Transfered to Iran's Supre...

Many of you many have already heard about the Iranian pastor who refused to recant his Christian beliefs and is at risk of the death penalty for his faith. The latest information was that his case was being determined by Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei.
I'm wondering what effect the news story about the alleged terror plot to kill a Saudi diplomat in the U.S. might have on this case?

Below the video I will list some ways you can help to try to save Pastor Youcef's life.

1. Pray. I've been praying for Pastor Youcef as have many people around the world.

2. Contact your Congress person and have a look at this site. I believe you can sign a petition to Hilary Clinton still, even though that have delivered the first batch already.

Apparently there has been some confusion in the news that was addressed yesterday by the ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice).

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jim and Janet Wine and Argentina

In the past I shared with you about some friends of mine from California who are working toward going to Argentina to do church planting. I thought I'd share a video with you that they did.
Please pray for them as they continue to prepare and take steps toward this goal. If you want more information after you watch the video, you can go to the following link:

Friday, October 7, 2011

October Baby Movie Scheduled For Next Spring

I recently learned about this movie that is scheduled to come out in 2012 with a special early release October 28th from what it looks like on their official website.
It really goes along with the subject that is in the 180 movie that I've been promoting for awhile now and still highly recommend.
It looks to be interesting, and it's been rated well by the Dove Foundation. It's about abortion and adoption. To learn more about the movie you can go to:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Sit On The Fence About 180

As I have shared in previous posts, I watched the 180 movie/documentary and found it to be informative and thought provoking. Many have been stunned and amazed by it! As of Tuesday, October 4th, 488,650 views and counting have watched this stunning video that takes people through some vital life-changing topics. It goes from historical facts to the subject of abortion and beyond. If you want to see what all the buzz is about please go to Today I want to share a related video of John Piper which is an encouragement to us all to not sit on one side of the fence and only address or focus on one of the following issues to the exclusion of the other. Both Abortion and the Gospel need to be addressed. Since the video I had here was on autoplay, I am now substitution the link to the shorter 3 minute and 7 seconds clip and then putting an earlier message with the same title by him from YouTube below it (which also focuses on doing unto others what you would have them do unto you). By the way, in case you are hearing about it for the first time … John Piper has endorsed the 180 Movie.
For those who don't speak English...try watching the 180 Movie on YouTube and click below where it says cc and click Translate Captions and check to see if it lists your language. I'm assuming you have this page translated to read this. It may or may not be accurate, but it's worth trying!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hail the Day (Sovereign Grace Music)

Sovereign Grace Music has some great worship tunes with pretty sound theology in their lyrics. They have a new live album from their WorshipGod11 conference due out in November. You can check out the list for that at:
The one I wanted to share today with you is one that has been sticking in my mind lately from their album Risen.