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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kingsport Food & Whatever Happened to So and So

Well, the fire near where some family members live seems to be under control in that area.
We've been having a lot of improvements around our place recently ... for a price.
I still haven't been back on the one forum. I've been stressed by various things lately.
If you ever visit Kingsport, TN, you might be interested in eating at The Purple Cow. It's fast food sort of, but it isn't all that fast. If you go a little early for lunch ... like 11 something AM, it can be better ... at least when I compare our experience to what others online said. Well, we only went once, but the shakes tasted like there was real ice cream in it which is a plus. They have lots of flavor choices! We had sandwiches, and even a half of a sub was too much really for me! Three of us had egg salad sandwich halves.
I found out some interesting things about some people I met years ago. One worked on translating the Bible in a communist country, and it looks like he married a native from the picture and name of the wife and has 3 kids with her. I learned he grew up as a non-Christian and smoked dope with his family. They apparently were very poor. I met him at New Tribes Bible Institute when I was 17 close to 18 (which I dropped out of after a few weeks). He apparently had only been a Christian since he was for 2 or 3 years when I met him. He was from TN, and I was from CA. I thought he was a country hick or backwoods person or hillbilly as he called himself online. I didn't want to move to TN then, and I didn't want to go to a tribe. I only had some interest for 2 or 3 weeks or so, but he definitely wasn't what I wanted I decided at the time. Well, that was the most interesting story so far in the "whatever happened to so and so" curiosity thing. It was something to do when I was bored.
Today I saw our current pastor at WalMart. We still would like to find an even better church that teaches and follows the Bible even more, but at least we heard a good message last Sunday night there. Well, my wrist or higher is bothering me again, but I just thought I'd post on here for people to keep updated (if they are interested).