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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Music Stories

Do you remember the song His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Ethel Waters is the one who made it famous, and more recently the Newsboys did an updated version that I have enjoyed.  Well, I discovered the story behind the writing of the song besides the clear reference to Matthew 10:29. 
It is fascinating and encouraging.  While I feel there is nothing wrong with longing for Heaven and home, too often we long for it as an escape from what God's purposes in our trials may be rather than an eagerness to be with Jesus. 
Click Here To Read The Story Behind The Song

Not too long ago I recorded a song not my own that used to  be sung many years ago at a church college group in California. It has been so long that I messed up some on it. A cat that comes to our place for attention and food was coming towards me and distracting me as I sang, but I decided not to do a retake.
The song is based on Solomon's words in Ecclesiastes.

There's Nothing New Under The Sun from ktinchrist on GodTube.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teen Admits Heaven Book Was A Lie - So, What Is The Truth About Heaven?

There has been much publicity this past week about how there was a retraction about a book entitled The Boy Who Went To Heaven.  Actually, there had been previous attempts to correct the record, but the publisher and "Christian" bookstores were too busy making money on it to pay heed it would seem.  Now some are finally taking action when it is too late to undo the harm that has already been done.  It is to their shame, but please remember that Jesus is not the liar.  God is always true & hates lying.

Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight. 
Proverbs 12:22 NASB

Here are some posts that shine some light on what went on behind the scenes:
Tyndale House Publishers Knew the Malarkey Book Was a Fraud
Setting the Record Straight   - by Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church & Grace To You

Emails Suggest Lifeway President Was Alerted to Heaven Scam Book By Worldview Weekend Radio & TV Host Justin Peters Months Before Pulling Book  - by Dustin Germain on Worldview Weekend's site

“The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” Recants Story, Rebukes Christian Retailers [UPDATED!!!!!] - Also by Dustin Germain

Here is John MacArthur's response to a question about another Heaven tourism book about another little boy:

So what will Heaven be like?  While there are those who will lie to you, this does not mean that Heaven is not real or that Hell is not real.  The Bible is where we find the most accurate information, although there are books that are helpful that take the Scripture and put it before you.  Sadly, many people can be taken in because they are naturally curious or like sensational stories.

So, what is the Gospel... what is the Good News?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Was It God? • I Don't Believe in Atheists • Reformed Radio • Be Like Christ

"God Told Me..." ???

Whether it is Beth Moore, Sarah Young, or any other popular writer, teacher, pastor or person in your own church - when anybody says "God told me" something, and it is not in the Bible - beware!
Even musicians like Keith Green or others who claim(ed) inspiration for songs also are /were out of line.
God will hold each of us accountable for our words (Matthew 12:36-37), and those who hold more authority will be held to an even greater judgment (James 3:1).
When someone says, "God told me..." they are claiming inspiration from God.  When they know He didn't literally tell them something then they are liars.  Lying & adding to God's words are sins.
I found this article from years past that focuses in on people making claims such as these:
Follow God's Will (And Never Mind The Mystery)
It is troubling that many churches promote authors & teachers who elevate their feelings to the level of words from God.  This kind of thinking makes one prone to fall into other errors based on subjective feelings & not Biblical truth. People like these need to be called to repentance by the church for their public errors & adherence to heresy rather than promoted in churches' "Christian" stores.

Atheists Do Not Exist

The other week I heard a message given by Phil Johnson at Grace Community Church.  It so reminded me of Sye Ten Bruggencate & all that I have learned from him. It is based on the Scriptural principles found in Romans 1. I kept checking to see about its being online.  So, now I want to share it with you.
Why I Don't Believe in Atheists (Phil Johnson)

Voice In The Wilderness Radio

There is an excellent new online radio station with teachers like: Phil Johnson, Paul Washer, John MacArthur & some other lesser known pastors who hold to certain confessions of faith.

Do You Really Know Jesus?

"If you claim to be a Christian, you should be Christ-like."
"Can you honestly say God is producing in you the character of Jesus?"
Something to think about as we go through our day:

Conrad Mbewe: Do You Know God? You Must Be Like Christ! from Media Gratiae on Vimeo.

Monday, January 5, 2015

How Some Christian Kids Respond To Persecution Should Encourage Us

Please continue to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.  One day we in America may not enjoy even the freedoms that we do still enjoy, but I hope true Christians here will be able to say, "Christ is my all."  Below the video I will share again the link to an article about persecution reminding us of Biblical truths about Christians and suffering.

Heaven's Perspective on Persecution" by John MacArthur

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Beware of Beth Moore, Free Audio of Charles Spurgeon, Free J. C. Ryle Book "Holiness"

In 2015 my hope is that #the15 on Twitter will continue to stand up against heresy sold in Lifeway and other "Christian" bookstores, so that more Christians will not be deceived in the places they deem safe.  Even church libraries seem to often be a haven for heresy where unsuspecting church attenders can be misled by wolves lurking within the walls of the church inside of books, DVDs, etc.

Recently I discovered and shared a video about Beth Moore with people on social media that I have decided to share more publicly with my blog readers.  It may be time sensitive, so I hope that those who care about truth from the Bible and do not want to stray from sound doctrine will watch it through with an open heart.  Christians need to be careful that they are not deceived by things that do not line up with the Scripture.
Has Beth Moore Become A False Teacher?

Another blogger shared how you can get a free audiobook this month of Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening, so if you sometimes prefer or need to listen to books instead of reading them - this is a great opportunity.  You do have to be willing to be on a mailing list though.
Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon

An online friend recommended the book Holiness by J. C. Ryle, and since I like to see if I can find things free before spending money on them I will share with you a link where you can read it FREE!
Holiness by JC Ryle

Here is audio from the first part of the third chapter of the book entitled, "Holiness."