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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Beware of Beth Moore, Free Audio of Charles Spurgeon, Free J. C. Ryle Book "Holiness"

In 2015 my hope is that #the15 on Twitter will continue to stand up against heresy sold in Lifeway and other "Christian" bookstores, so that more Christians will not be deceived in the places they deem safe.  Even church libraries seem to often be a haven for heresy where unsuspecting church attenders can be misled by wolves lurking within the walls of the church inside of books, DVDs, etc.

Recently I discovered and shared a video about Beth Moore with people on social media that I have decided to share more publicly with my blog readers.  It may be time sensitive, so I hope that those who care about truth from the Bible and do not want to stray from sound doctrine will watch it through with an open heart.  Christians need to be careful that they are not deceived by things that do not line up with the Scripture.
Has Beth Moore Become A False Teacher?

Another blogger shared how you can get a free audiobook this month of Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening, so if you sometimes prefer or need to listen to books instead of reading them - this is a great opportunity.  You do have to be willing to be on a mailing list though.
Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon

An online friend recommended the book Holiness by J. C. Ryle, and since I like to see if I can find things free before spending money on them I will share with you a link where you can read it FREE!
Holiness by JC Ryle

Here is audio from the first part of the third chapter of the book entitled, "Holiness."

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