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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Music Stories

Do you remember the song His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Ethel Waters is the one who made it famous, and more recently the Newsboys did an updated version that I have enjoyed.  Well, I discovered the story behind the writing of the song besides the clear reference to Matthew 10:29. 
It is fascinating and encouraging.  While I feel there is nothing wrong with longing for Heaven and home, too often we long for it as an escape from what God's purposes in our trials may be rather than an eagerness to be with Jesus. 
Click Here To Read The Story Behind The Song

Not too long ago I recorded a song not my own that used to  be sung many years ago at a church college group in California. It has been so long that I messed up some on it. A cat that comes to our place for attention and food was coming towards me and distracting me as I sang, but I decided not to do a retake.
The song is based on Solomon's words in Ecclesiastes.

There's Nothing New Under The Sun from ktinchrist on GodTube.

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