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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cover-Ups & Cases of Disappearing Planes & People

People love mysteries.  Some people are driven crazy if they are not solved, and others prefer that they never be solved (being left to the imagination).  Those personally involved have an entirely different perspective.

What happened to the Malaysian flight that was headed for China?
What is it that Lois Lerner is hiding?
What has happened to kidnapped missionaries overseas?

We think of questions like: Has there been foul play & what would we do in these situations?
How can we find out the answers?
In some cases we are left wondering whether people have survived or who is being protected from shame or justice.
We may never know all of the answers here on earth.

In the case of the Malaysian flight, a person wonders why people were not able to use their cell phones unless something was so sudden or indeed there truly was someone or more than one person keeping them from answering them.  Did the plane truly drop from radar, and did it go on for hundreds of miles?  Is it truly in the ocean, or could it have landed somewhere without being spotted?  Did someone truly see it go down?

In the Lois Lerner case, it seems that she is certainly hiding misconduct whether it is strictly just her own or other people above her.  Will we ever learn the full truth through testimony on whether someone else played a role?

Missing missionaries in a country I shall not name:  Whatever became of them?  I am still left wondering.  I realize they are not the only people to have disappeared and to have been held hostage.  Are they still alive?

What would we do if we were targeted or in danger of life or freedom? 
The people on the plane did not know what would happen that day.
Were they ready to die, if they are indeed dead?
Check out the link below to see if you would be ready:


  1. The only thing these tracts miss... Is what is the hope? Answer.... Christ's resurrection ... He is alive, seated at the right hand of the Father and will return one day with a sword... He will bring home thise that are His to live an eternity with Him. Thise that do not repent...bow the knee to God in this life, will also meet Christ and be judged for their sin against a holy and righteous and perfect God...and then sent to eternal torment in Hell. Christ's resurrection and returning to restore the earth and heavens so important and often left off of these tracts.

  2. Tony actually did talk about Christ's resurrection & His defeat of sin & death. Hell is clearly mentioned as punishment for sin. It is excellent for a very small card, but for an even more detailed message you can check this out:

    1. True, resurrection is mentioned. It is hard to get a lot on a small tract...but I still hold to the fact that the hope of the resurrection...eternal life and the restoration of the new heavens and new earth. So important.

  3. Actually, if you prefer one of the others where he mentions eternal life in Heaven. & others.

    Some people already have a certain amount of knowledge and realize that if there is eternity in Hell that there is an equivalent on the other side (in Heaven).

    However, some of the tracts do have more on them mentioning the joy of heaven that you might prefer. What I shared does have enough & fits well with my post, but you have the right to share things that you feel satisfy what you want to share.

    The new heavens & new earth explanations & details are great subjects for studies with believers or new believers. Eschatological views can vary & bog people down, & people do not have to understand everything perfectly at the beginning.

    God is not limited by whether we articulate everything perfectly.

  4. But the hope of eternity - with Christ - is not an eschatological view that bogs people down - the hope of the resurrection - everlasting life with Christ - is such an important part of the Gospel. While I agree God is not limited, we do have a responsibility to give the full council of the Lord. He is coming again to judge the living and the dead and created a new heavens and earth for us to dwell with Him forever. That is pretty significant. And,we talk to quite a few people who don't know anything about that... and they are professing believers. So, I don't think it's as common knowledge as you mentioned. I am not attacking tracts - I use them...even tho I believe they are not done as well as they need to be - I am just simply stating, I have yet to find one that touches on all of the key points, is engaging and well written.

  5. I shared other links to show you other tracts that talk about Heaven...most of them actually mention Heaven.
    Many people here in the old South have heard of Heaven, and the mention of facing God one day does imply a life after death. I understand that you have a concern, & that is why I shared other links to Tony's tracts that do specifically mention Heaven. One particularly mentions the joy of eternal life in Heaven:

    I was talking about eschatological views in reference to the restoration of heaven & earth...not the existence of Heaven.

    The Gideons give out Bibles, and there are pocket New Testaments that you might want to consider purchasing. I do believe that Tony actually does write some of the best short tracts I've seen.

    For longer tracts, you might check out these:
    There are some pretty good tracts at Living Waters as well.

    People can write their own tracts & have them printed (I think it is best to have a man write one & have their pastor check it out).

    I think that it is something to be considered that not everybody had the entire Scripture at all times, & not everybody who is a Christian today has yet studied the details of what Heaven are, and there are differing views on Revelation as to what time period & location some of the events are to take place.

    This post was meant as a think piece & I hope & pray that people will have checked out the link. I don't mean to be unkind. I do feel that this discussion would be good for Christians (on a FB group for example) , but I'm concerned that people may get side-tracked from message.