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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable & Noah

While watching the Kirk Cameron documentary film "Unstoppable" last night, it was fascinating to see him play out what it would be like to try to get the film industry to do a movie about Noah.

In the film, the executive producer types gave all kinds of alternate themes and stories that did not fit the facts of the historical Biblical account.  Kirk was sticking to the Biblical text and theme about God's judgment of the sinful world as well as the details.  That doesn't go over big in Hollywood.

I don't know whether Kirk knew about the 'atheist" produced "Noah"
movie that was going to be coming out this year, but it amazed me the timing and accuracy with which he demonstrated what Hollywood producers would want to do with any movie about Noah.

All of mankind was wicked during Noah's time, and God justly flooded the earth.  He saved just Noah and his family, because Noah believed God. The flood is a picture of future judgment of the world and the ark the salvation of those He has chosen to have faith.  There will not be another flood, but judgment will come again with fire next time. (2 Peter 3:7) 

I found a John MacArthur message that gives details about Noah & the flood. 
The Power of Divine Judgment in the Global Flood

For the full Biblical account of the true historical Noah and the flood, you can read it at the following link.
Noah & The Flood

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