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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bible Inerrancy & What To Do About False Teachers

The Inerrancy of Scripture:  This is something that many liberal “Christians” question or disbelieve.
Next year’s Shepherd’s Conference is scheduled to have some great guests speaking on this topic:

2015 Shepherds' Conference Summit from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

What To Do About False Teachers & Those Who Slander Godly Men:
In recent times a lot of the people I follow or listen to online have been focusing on false teaching & teachers & bloggers who are in error & those who  have cultic behavior.  I recommend viewing the following sites:
Tim Challies, Denny Burk, CARM,  & Striving for Eternity.
There are a lot of good teachers &bloggers out there who need to be encouraged as well as held accountable, but it is important to avoid the bad ones who slander or lead people away from a right understanding of God’s Word.
When we learn someone is unBiblical, how should we deal with them?
How To Deal With False Teachers – Denny Burk

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