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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Perplexed, But Not Despairing

There are a lot of things going on to upset a person these days.
There is all the wasteful spending and heading toward socialism going on. Also, abortion is becoming funded in places it wasn't allowed because of Obama.
Then there is a supposed cultural center planned to be built that has a place for Muslim prayer and teaching (by a radical Imam who believes in Sharia law) very close to Ground Zero where the attacks happened in New York.
Well, there are other stressful things going Arizona having to go to court over a law that is perfectly within their rights and not racist at all.
Then I got upset yesterday on Farm Town in the market place with some guy spouting off a racist remark against black people...very untrue and upsetting!
It's good to know that even though all these things are bad that I still can trust in God that He will bring about His purposes even through all this evil that seems to be taking over. Although I try to avoid looking at parts of the violence on the Lord of the Rings series now, I really can identify how it relates to the world today. That is what I like about the films. We are constantly in a spiritual battle both personally and with the evil coming from this world and Satan to attack righteousness.
I am thankful that I can still enjoy some beauty God created that I want to share with you from our garden. I will put some photos on the side as this posting is quite long already!